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Bodyboarding in Thailand

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bodyboarding in Thailand
by 'Laurent'

Body boarding in Thailand

Bodyboarding is almost unknown in Thailand, there's only a few bodyboarders mainly in Phuket and at the moment it is almost

impossible to find gear but it is changing. Like Surfing, the best place for bodyboarding in Thailand is Phuket (West Coast) but it is possible to find surfable waves in Ko Samui and on the East coast of Thailand up to the Cambodian border.

From April to September /October, Phuket and the East Coast get waves while Samui can be surfed between November and February-March each year.

For several reasons, Thai Waves are very suitable for boogie boarding :

Firstly, most of the waves are beach breaks; a surfer will probably stop surfing at high tide when the waves become fat and difficult to catch but a body boarder can still have fun on the shore break.

On shore days (especially on the East Coast) are very common and can change a nice surfable wave into a terrible mess, having fins and a shorter board definitely helps to catch the uneven and unpredictable waves.

For beginners who want to improve their skill, they still have the possibility to surf a peak without disturbing more experienced surfers just by exploring a bit.

Speaking from experience though, if you are stuck in Bangkok for several months, you will definitely go for waves around Rayong on shore winds or not.

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bodyboarding thailand
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