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JL Design Custom Bodyboards

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The Story Behind JL Designs

'JL' in 'JL Designs' stands for Jimmy Linville. Jimmy Linville the shaper and developer of JL Designs, grew up bodyboarding in Oceanside California which is about 45 mins away from San diego in southern california and started competing professionally in 1986.

When he started to be known in the bodyboarding world Jimmy was approached by Morey Bodyboards to give lessons to other surfers. Over the next decade Jimmy gained the skills and respect of others in the sport.

After traveling up and down the coast in search of the best waves, he left USA to continue his search and this in turn helped him to refine his bodyboard shaping and designing skills.

Due to his accute understanding of bodyboard design Jimmy had the opportunity to shape for Morey, BZ, CustomX and other body board companies.

Today he has put all his skills of riding and shaping bodyboards and started specializing in Custom Bodyboard Designs.

All JL Design bodyboards are hand made by Jimmy Linville and are made to order. JL Designs are known for their quality shapes designs and materials and Jimmy puts 100% into every board he makes.

Some bodyboarders would describe JL Designs as the louis vuitton of bodyboards, all boards being made of the highest quality materials and are now positioned at the top end of the market.

The belief and motto of JL Designs is "Where bodyboarding designs begin and end"

Check out some of Jimmy's more popular boards. All can be custom made to your specifications.

JL Bodyboard
LC Bat Tail 42.25" - polypro core, syrlin bottom, FMP-T-cell deck, 50/50, dbl rails, bat tail hip channels, 1 stringer, long channels, rail grip, nose grip
JL Bodyboard
III Pin "42" - polypro core, syrlin bottom, FMP-T-cell deck, 50/50, dbl rails, tri pin tail, 1 stringer, nose grip, channel bottom

JL Bodyboard
Universal 42.75" - Polypro core, syrlin bottom, FMP-T-cell deck, 50/50, dbl rails, full crescent tail, 1 stringer, channels

There are several board models that Jimmy Linville makes, below are a few more specifications of other boards in the JL Design range.

  • DK 43" - polypro, syrlin bottom, FMP-T-cell deck, 60/40, dbl rails, full cresent tail, 1 stringer, hip channels, rail grip,nose grip

  • LC Shortcut 41.5" - polypro core, syrlin bottom, FMP-T-cell deck, 50/50, dbl rails, crescent tail, long channels, nose grip

  • Bat Tail 44" - PE core bottom, deck, rails, 1 stringer

  • HandBoard - Excellent tool for bodysurfing, PE core

  • Custom Rescue/Tow Sleds - Designed for ocean rescue, whitewater rescue, ski patrol rescue, surf tow-ins and many other uses.

    4FT Tow Sleds
    5FT Tow Sleds
    6FT Tow Sleds

  • JL Designs kick fin representative is Rob Ruiz - JL Designs.

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