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A quick learn to surf guide
for newcomers to the sport/lifestyle/obsession of surfing

What are the Best Fins to Use on a Surfboard?

Back in the old days all surfboard fins were glassed in, meaning they were part of the surfboard and couldn't be removed. When you broke a fin, you broke the surfboard, so in the early 90’s three Australian surfers invented the fin control system (FCS). This allowed the broken fin to be easlily replaced with little out of the water time. That's why they had the tabs as the weak point, so you don't break your surfboard.

These days we don't really think about fin systems for not breaking your surfboard, it is more about changing the feel and performannce. That's why we see the brand Future Fins, no weak point to break, but they say has more of a feel of glassed in fins.

Surfboard Fins

Below are a few tips on surfboard fin designs

The following basic rules can be used as a guide to selecting a second set of fins to tune your board, or to complete your fin quiver.

  • Surfboards with a lot of rocker may require a fin with greater area, more depth or sweep. Alternatively surfboards with a flatter rocker require a more average or smaller size fin.

  • Surfboards with a lot of rail (eg guns or long shortboards) require less fin area.

  • Surfboards with deep channels in the tail also require less fin area.

  • Surfboards with wider tails require more fin area than those with narrower tails.

  • A smaller fin, one with less sweep (more upright) or more flex, will loosen a stiff surfboard.

  • To give a loose board more drive, a bigger, more swept or stiffer fin selection will work.

  • To make a board more forgiving, select a fin with a high amount of flex, for more responsive choose a stiffer fin.

  • A particularly strong or powerful surfer should use a bigger and/or stiffer fin with more resistance area.

  • If you are feeling a little under-gunned and want a small board to work in bigger waves, use a larger more swept set of fins.

Changing fins can change the way your board feels, and can freshen or improve your surfing.

Don't be afraid to customize fins to meet your needs by experimenting with different side and center fin combinations.

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