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Surfing Movies for Women

Learn To Surf: A Woman's Guide To Surfing With Confidence Kindle Edition
Learn To Surf: A Woman's Guide To Surfing With Confidence - Kindle Edition

Whether you have yet to have a lesson or having been surfing for a year, Learn To Surf: A Woman's Guide To Surfing With Confidence will give you all the info you need to confidently navigate your way through the surfing world. From waxing up, selecting your board, understanding conditions and forecasting, to safety, etiquette, traveling and more. Fun, easy to read and written for women by women.

Download the Kindle cloud reader version and read on any device anywhere!

With this easy to read, fun guide to surfing you will learn:
How to choose the right board for your size, skill level and goals,
How to not only wax your board correctly but how to choose the right type of wax for conditions
How to understand, read and choose surf spots based on weather and surf forecasts
Surf Etiquette and rules of the lineup
Ocean Safety
Plus much more

Suitable for surfers who have yet to take a lesson, or have been surfing for a year, Learn To Surf: A Woman’s Guide to Surfing With Confidence is short and to the point.

Including sections dedicated to surfing with kids, travel and shark safety, this learn to surf guide comes with instructional photos, diagrams, glossary and a quick run down on Australian surfing culture and history.


Surf's up: Girls Guide to Surfing

this is an excellent book for surfers of any level, but focuses on beginners. There's a great history of women in surfing and profiles of today's up and comers. The book is well written and well designed, there are great photographs throughout. I wish I would have had this book when I started surfing, I had to learn the hard way! It's great to see the women of surfing getting the attention they deserve.

sister surfer surfing movie

Sister Surfer : A Woman's Guide to Surfing with Bliss and Courage

“SISTER SURFER is a surfing book that does a great job of both explaining how to surf and breaking down the barriers that prevent women from experiencing the sport. A great read that will surely empower and motivate surfers of every level and ability.”

-- Raul Guisado, author of The Art of Surfing

girls surfing fashion

Fashion Surfing DVD

"FASHION" is a girls' surf video like no other! Stardust Productions has captured some ground breaking high energy ripping from the world's best female surfers in Indonesia, Australia and France and combined it with hilarious animation to reveal the funny side to some of the driving forces behind women's surfing. Starring: Chelsea Georgeson, Kassia Meador, Veronica Kay, Kate Skarratt, Prue Jeffries, Karlee Mackee, Jodie Nelson, Schuyler McFerrin, Samantha Cornish, Claire Bevalacqua, Layne Beachley and Lisa Anderson.

ocean angels surfing

Ocean Angels - DVD

From the makers of "Blue Crush" comes the ultimate all-girls surf epic! Two amazing surf films: "Poetic Silence" - Join the top stars of the Women's surf scene on a thirteen-day journey in the beautiful setting of the Mentawai Islands. Special edition DVD contains extras from the Roxy Pro, Honolua Bay, Tavy 2 Billabong Girls in Tahiti and Karina Petroni. "Poetic Silence" sold only in this box set! "7 Girls"

roxy surfing DVD

7 Girls DVD

Seven of the best female surfers on earth showcase their dazzling skill on spectacular waves in the beautifully shot film 7 Girls. Exotic locations, including Fiji, Tahiti, and Hawaii, provide scenery worthy of National Geographic. And the women, among them top pros like Layne Beachley, Serena Brooke, and Heather Clark, conquer gorgeous and terrifying walls of water

aqua dulce women surfing

Aqua Dulce DVD

See a preview of Aqua Dulce here

Aqua Dulce is an in-depth look at women's surfing. Featuring today's top women surfers, Aqua Dulce covers all aspects of the women's surfing lifestyle. From the classic style of traditional longboarding to the groundbreaking performances of the world's best women professional surfers, Aqua Dulce is about the "sweet water" women are bringing to the surfing world.

learn to surf

Learn to Surf 1 2 3

Learn to Surf 1-2-3 is designed especially for women. It will give you the self-confidence you need to get you surfing.

girls surfing

Girl's Guide to Surfing

The Girl's Guide to Surfing delivers all a girl needs to score the wave of her choice. The surfing population has recently exploded, and women are in the water more than ever. For all these hearty souls, author Andrea McCloud delivers down-to-earth instruction and indispensable advice.

girl in the curl surf book

Girl in the Curl
by Andrea Gabbard

The first illustrated history of women surfers, Girl in the Curl surfing book captures an important and overlooked part of the sport's past in gorgeous color photos. From rising Australian star Layne Beachley to two-time world champion Lisa Anderson, many of today's hottest surfers are women.

surf diva

Surf Diva

From the founders of the original surf school for women, Surf Diva is both a witty, irreverently written lifestyle book and an informative how-to guide. Written with the Surf Diva School motto firmly in mind--"The best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun"--Surf Diva inspires women to suit up in neoprene and claim their share of male-dominated waves.

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