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Travel Books About Travelling in Asia

Fodor's Thailand travel guide
Fodor's Thailand Travel book
Fodor's Thailand shows you hundreds of hotel and restaurant choices in all price ranges — from budget-friendly B&Bs to luxury hotels, from casual eateries to the hottest new restaurants, complete with thorough reviews showing what makes each place special. The Smart Travel Tips A to Z section helps you take care of the nitty gritty with essential local contacts and great advice — from how to take your mountain bike with you to what to do in an emergency. Plus, web links and mix-and-match itineraries make planning a snap.
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Thailand's beaches and islands
Rough Guide
Thailand's beaches & Islands

The travel book is great! The section on BKK is also very helpful as almost anyone coming/going to Southern Thailand passes through.The book is small and much more convenient than the larger country wide or SE Asia guide books. If you are just going to Southern Thailand.. this is all you need. The format is clear. The prices were a tad off, but this seems to be the norm with guidebooks
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Bali & Lombok
Eye witness: Bali & Lombok

Colorful traveling guidebook in a highly practical format, leaving no mystery as to whether some place or item may be of real interest to the individual reader. Therefore, reader can figure out what he/she wants to see & do without slogging through chapter upon chapter of text. I spend a lot of time in Bali and I think this is probably the most useful guide for the average traveler to Bali & Lombok.
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Angkor: Celestial Temples of the Khmer
Angkor: Celestial Temples of the Khmer

Built between the ninth and the thirteenth centuries by a succession of twelve Khmer kings, Angkor spreads over 120 square miles in Southeast Asia and includes scores of major architectural sites. Among the amazing pyramid and mandala shaped shrines preserved in the jungles of Cambodia, is Angkor Wat, the world's largest temple, an extraordinarily complex structure filled with iconographic detail and religious symbolism.
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South American Handbook
Footprint South American Handbook 2006
Footprint South American Handbook 2006 takes the adventurous traveler far from the gringo trail to explore the landscapes, wildlife, archaeology, and folk culture of this vast continent, from the Orinoco Delta to the southern ice fields of Chile and Argentina. Called the "Backpacker’s Bible," this guide covers every inch of South America, including the Guianas and the Falkland Islands.
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Japan (Eyewitness Travel Guides)
Japan (Eyewitness Travel Guides)
This is sort of a "Japan! Wow!" type of guide, full of eye-popping graphics and catchy factoids. It is a very fun guide, and does a great job of engaging enthusiasm for Japan and its wonders. Nothing off the beaten path here, only the major attractions of each city/region are represented. It is wide but not deep. Pricing information and such is well done, and gives an accurate picture of what to expect. Tidbits of culture and history help explain what you will be seeing and make for interesting overall reading.

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Frommer's Buenos Aires
Frommer's Buenos Aires
Experience a place the way the locals do. Enjoy the best it has to offer. Frommer's. The best trips start here.
Insider tips on getting the best out of Buenos Aires' outstanding shopping, restaurants, nightlife & tango halls. Outspoken opinions on what's worth your time and what's not.
Exact prices, so you can plan the perfect trip whatever your budget. Off-the-beaten-path experiences and undiscovered gems, plus new takes on top attractions.

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Lonely Planet: Maldives travel book

With extensive coverage of resorts, watersports and the marine environment, this guide includes all the information necessary to make the most of a trip to these pristine tropical islands in the Indian Ocean. color. 18 maps.
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puerta rico
Puerto Rico Off the Beaten Path, 3rd: A Guide to Unique Places

Discover the hidden charms of la isla del encanto, "the enchanted island," from rooftop restaurants and colonial architecture in Old San Juan to roadside barbecued chicken stands and the beaches along the slower-paced southern coast. Outdoor adventures and city explorations are all covered in this in-depth guide for adventurous travelers.

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Rough Guide: Vietnam

Just came back from a three week trip to Vietnam with three books: the Lonely Planet, the Rough Guide, and Footprint Handbook. The Rough Guide is the best guidebook around for the country. It is superior to the Lonely Planet guide in the breadth and depth of coverage and especially its accuracy. I liked LP for other countries but here they did a very poor job. I have not found even one instance where Lonely Planet provided information that Rough did not have.
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alarm clock Travel Alarm Clock
Travel Alarm Clock

We've not missed a tour or a meal with the help of this reliable little travel alarm clock. If getting up is difficult due to jet lag or a too late night, it even offers an extra 8 minutes with a snooze alarm. Space is always a factor when on the go, which is another plus for this clock. It's about 3" by 2", And, for a small clock it has a get-up-and-go alarm that will awake anyone. It runs on two AAA batteries, and is easily switched between time zones. We're well pleased with its reliability.

Complete Guide to the Asian Tsunami Disaster
Tsunami Electronic Book

2005 Complete Guide to the Asian Tsunami Disaster ¿ Sumatra Earthquake, Indian Ocean Tsunamis, Devastation in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Somalia, Malaysia, and the Maldives; American Humanitarian Aid Response and Plans, Scientific Reports on the Earthquake and Tsunamis, Tsunami Scientific Research and Survival Guides
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Music from Thailand
Music from Thailand


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