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Surfing Kata Yai beach

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Surfing Conditions at Kata Beach

Windssouth-west to north-east
Tidesmid tide
Swell.5 to 2 metres
Wavesbeginner to intermediate
southern end of the beach
crowded at times

longboarder surfing kata
surf pics of Kata Beach

Following the road south from Karon beach you will come to the Kata Beach town centre with shops restaurants and bars, at a four way intersection take the road to the right and you will come to Kata Yai Beach. Most of the surfable waves here are at the southern end near
Kata Beach Resort.

Kata Beach Surf
Kata Beach surf is regarded as the most popular surfing beach on Phuket and when the waves are good it can be crowded even for Phuket standards. This is the beach where Quiksilver hosted an annual Kata beach surfing contest back in 1999 to 2003. Although it can get crowded the atmosphere in the water is friendly and so far localism doesn't exist here.

The waves are fast, but makeable and can jack up on the sand bank to twice the height of the swell. The downside to this break is that after the rains a lot of rubbish washes into the water.

The best surf in Kata beach is at the southern end, where you will find nice peaks from in front of a few small surfboard rental Shops to down past the car park. As you go further north along the beach the waves get smaller, being protected by the headland and Koh Bpoo (Crab Island).

From Bill Sellers

Hi i surf Kata beach in august 2009 and found it when it was big ,
the easy way to get out is to walk down to near where the rocks and there a surfboard hire shop and shops paddle out through .

Surfing Kata beach still wasnt easy for me being a long boarder , but shoert board can duck dive . Like all beach breaks shifting sand breaks catching waves was easy but you have to watch for jet ski the people have no idea on how to get out or watching where they are going .

there is also a lot of beginners who drop in or go straight, that is why the locals are easy going . I also found as the swell drop the banks were becoming lot more makeable and easy to paddle out.

I am going again this year hoping to surf different breaks

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