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Surfing Khanom to Songkla Thailand

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Samila beach

Yes these Songkla waves are small, but the sender of these photos says that Samila beach can get good surfing waves and really goes off! Other people have reported very good surfing in Songkla.

Surf pic::Samila beach Songkla

Songkla is on the Eastern side of the Thai peninsula and gets waves from November to March. Could be worth a look if you're over that way. Thanks Micheal for the photos. You can contact Micheal at surfthethames@hotmail.com

surf photo::Samila beach Songkla

FeedBack on The Khanom to Songkla area

The southern east coast (Khanom to Songkhla) can get a reasonable wave December-March. I'm based at Khanom and we frequently get a small but good malibu type wave, particularly during and one day after a good E or SE(best)blow. Doesn't last as the gulf is too shallow, but still good. Awesome beaches and no crowds; I'm possibly the only surfer for about 200 km. Bring your own gear.


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