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Surfing Thailand

All About Surfing in Thailand and Thailand’s Surf Spots If you have heard of surfing in Thailand it was probably about Phuket, but Phuket isn’t the only…

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Surfing Phuket

Surfing in Phuket Information  Learn to Surf and Ride a Wave in Phuket This page has beach information of the surf breaks in Phuket. Everything you need…

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Phuket Surf Reports

Surf Reports & Wave Forecast Charts for Phuket and Thailand We’ve put together a detailed section on wind, weather, wave and tide conditions for Surfing Phuket and…

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Surfing Tips

Below are the most popular surfing tip pages, but there are plenty more inside ........................................ Ideal for beginner to intermediate surfers

How to ‘Pop Up’ on a Surfboard The Correct Technique For Popping Up The ‘pop up’ is one of the most essential skills when learning to surf….

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How to Duck Dive a Surfboard Here are the steps on how to do a duck dive As the wave approaches, paddle hard towards the wave to…

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Parts of a Wave and How to Read Waves Reading waves and being able to estimate where and when a wave will break and how it will…

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How to Paddle a Surfboard Paddling is probably one of the most important skills to develop in your first months of surfing. Studies have shown that surfers…

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Catching Green Waves HOT

Catching Waves Before They Break-Surfing Green Waves “You’ll never forget your first real wave!” This is probably one of the biggest challenges for people learning to surf….

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Rip Currents One thing every surfer must know about is rip currents. Every year many people drown because they don’t understand the force and danger of rip…

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What People Are Saying...

surfing Maldives

Earl (United States)

“Thank you, this by far is the best surf site I’ve ever seen and I’m 62!!”

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet

“Undoubtedly the island’s best surf shop”

Pacific Longboarder

Pacific Longboarder Magazine

“Saltwater Dreaming is the best surf shop on the island by far”

Phang Nga

Somphornh (Phang Nga, Thailand)

By Far The Best Surf Shop Surf School in Phuket. So Many Products To Choose From And All At Very Good Prices. Great Friendly Staff Who Offer…

Traditional Thai Dance Clothing

Ning (Thailand)

โรงเรียนสอนกระดานโต้คลื่นทีดีที่สุดในภูเก็ต (By Google) The best surfboard school in Phuket

About Saltwater Dreaming

Surfing Thailand – Saltwater Dreaming

From over 40 years of surfing and running a surf school and surf shop, we have put together a lot of information on surfing, bodyboarding and Thailand. Please browse through our pages and we are sure you will find something here for you!

As well as Saltwater Dreaming being a website about surfing and Thailand, Saltwater Dreaming is also a full service surf shop located on the west coast of Phuket Thailand. Established in 2000 and locally owned and operated, Saltwater Dreaming is Phuket’s “Original” Surf Shop.

Surfing in Thailand is always for fun

It’s certainly not a world surfing destination, but at the right time of year, you can surf a few waves with the locals, the atmosphere in the water is fun and friendly and the local Thai surfers keep the true heart and soul of surfing alive

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