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Thailand weather is a warm and sometimes mild climate in the north, as Thailand is just south of the Tropic of Cancer in the Southeast Asian monsoon region. In general, the temperatures in Thailand are on average around 29°C.

Weather in Thailand Overview:

For most people Thailand's weather is quite warm all year round, especially in the southern parts of Thailand. The southern areas of Thailand in general have less variation in temperatures and between April to November do experience a high average rainfall.

In the north temperatures are a bit milder and if you are visiting this area between November to February you might be advised to pack a pullover or light jacket.

Northern Thailand Weather:

In the northern regions of Thailand there are mainly three seasons. November to May usually is the dry period getting warmer towards May.

Tropical Rain
Tropical Rain

The northeastern monsoons can touch this area around this time of year bringing cool breezes from November to February it can sometimes also bring sleet to the higher regions.

Between May to November the north of Thailand experiences its highest rainfall as the southeast monsoons push their way north.

Southern Thailand Weather:

Most travelers to Thailand would say that the southern region of Thailand has only two seasons -- the wet and the dry, but the locals also would include a third around November to February which they call Winter. The temperatures would rarely get below the low 20's, in the evenings, but for the locals this is cold!

Southern Thailand
Southern Thailand

Each side of the peninsular experiences opposite seasons, when it is raining and the seas are rough on the western side the eastern side is enjoying blue skies and crystal clear waters, and vis a versa.

The west coast experiences monsoon weather from April to October while the east coast the rains are from September to January.

Phuket Weather

You also might be interested in information about the surf season in Phuket

Thailand Sunset
Phuket Sunset

In Phuket: The rainy season usually runs from May until October, which coincides with the surfing season. At this time of year the winds are blowing on shore, or from the west and the swells can be very big.

The highest rainfall month is September and although it has the highest rainfall it doesn't rain every day. It usually rains in the afternoons, or at worst there is about three to four days of continual rain at a time.

The weather in Phuket has three distinct seasons:

The hot season from April to May

The wet season from June to October

The cold season from November to March

Average Temperatures for Phuket

Below is a graph with the average high (blue) and low (purple) temperatures for Phuket taken over a 10 year period.

Phuket average temperature graph for phuket

The above graph shows the average daytime temperature in Phuket is 30 degrees Celsius and average night temperature of 23 degrees Celsius.

Average Rainfall for Phuket

Below is a graph with the average rainfall for Phuket taken over a 10 year period Average rainfall Phuket Thailand

Phuket Thailand surf reports and Forecasts

If you are interested in surfing Phuket take a look at the archives of Phuket's waves and winds, with graphs showing the best time to go surfing in Phuket.

Phuket's Surfing Beaches

Thailand Tide Charts

Thailand Wave Charts-Surf Reports

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