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We have put together a great collection of Surfing Music that will keep you vibed up for surf. Some are old and timeless others maybe you haven't heard before. Check out our top 28 Surf music albums

Green Day and More Green Day and More Turn yourself into a basket case with songs from Green Day, Rancid, Screeching Weasel, Offspring and more. A sample of some of the best surf music songs from this page

Foo Fighters Foo Fighters Probably the best album to ever be released by the Foo Fighters, "The Colour & The Shape" further solidified Dave Grohl stepping out of grunge's shadow and making peace with the ghost of Kurt Cobain. Just about all the songs here on this album are catchy and seem made for radio friendly, but underneath that surface is a demonically comical feel combined with a lot of emotion. More from Foo Fighters

the offspring

The Offspring How do these guys do it!? after almost 20 years they make possibly their best CD ever, either this or Ixnay is the best! And the critic reviews aren't as bad as people say, they are all 3/5 or a "B", those aren't bad even tho this CD deserves way more. Only a band like the Offspring can make great music after this long while changing their style but holding on to their roots. more from The Offspring

Dispatch-Big Bang Dispatch-Bang Bang These guys were a great band and it would be sweet to seem them come back together again. I now own every Dispatch CD, but this one is like a greatest hits compilation, every tune is THAT good. They are the best indie rock band I've ever heard and likely the best I'll ever hear. hypnotic and intelligent rap-like tunes. The only thing is how their stuff never made it to the airwaves, it's better than 99.9% of the stuff out there. other Indie bands like O.A.R. and Guster, those bands just can't measure up to Dispatch. Check them out.

Brushfire Fairytales Brushfire Fairytales Fans of Willy Porter, Ben Harper, and G. Love will all want to check out Jack Johnson's engaging folk- and blues-inflected pop. Born in Oahu, Hawaii, Johnson, a former surfer and film-school graduate, has a knack for acoustic ballads whose calm surfaces hide a subtle but strong lyrical undertow. "It seems to me that 'maybe' pretty much always means 'no,'" sings Johnson on "Flake," which features crony Harper on slide guitar.> AllMusic by Jack Johnson

The Sound Of Sunshine Michael Franti & Spearhead

Linkin Park Linkin Park Linkin Park’s second studio effort (not counting the 2002 remix album Reanimation) overflows with glossy production values and Big Rock oomph, fully embracing the pop instincts of their Hybrid Theory debut. For many, Theory sounded inexcusably corporate, from its too-timely rap-rock sound to the long list of product endorsements included in the liner notes. More from Linkin Park

blink 182 Blink 182 It's a totally different sound than their previous albums. Not only a different sound, but different themes as well. This CD you can relate to on so many levels, and that is why you'll love it so much. The 80's feel that a lot of the songs on the album have is great and is a different twist for the band. 2 tracks that stand out are "Always" and "All of This" with The Cure's Robert Smith. It's sooo hard to choose a favorite because they all rock! Every track is amazing. more from Blink 182

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Red Hot Chilli Peppers With valuable assistance from producer Rick Rubin, the Peppers find just the right blend of punk, funk, and hip-hop. Even with a running time of 74 minutes, this 1991 breakthrough has continuity and cohesion both within and across the 17 cuts.More from Red Hot Chilli Peppers

the original fleetwood mac Jumping at Shadows

This is not your sister's Fleetwood Mac & Peter Green wasn't called the "Green God" for nothing. Green is arguably one of the best blues guitarists ever. There is not a weak track in the lot; and the sound is very good. So if you enjoy the @ss-kickin' blues of Kim Simmonds, Alvin Lee, Eric Clapton, Mick Taylor owe it to yourself to get this album ASAP. There is absolutely no way you will regret it.

Rage Against the Machine

Rage Against the Machine As the vitriol spewed from Evil Empire, Rage Against the Machine's long-awaited follow up to their 1993 debut owes much to Chuck D.'s polemic fury and rapid-fire urgency--though as always the band rages without hip-hop machinery in favor of the heavy-duty power tools of rock. More from Rage Against the Machine

audioslave Audioslave

The debut of thundering supergroup Audioslave--featuring members of Rage Against the Machine post-Zack de la Rocha with ex-Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell. Cornell's unmistakable holler and nihilistic imagery ensure that Audioslave, the album, recalls early Soundgarden. That's especially true since de la Rocha took Rage's signature rap and politicking with him. More from Audioslave

Nirvana Nirvana Nevermind's tears out of the speakers like a cannonball, from the punk-turbo-charged riff of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" onward, magnifying and distilling the wounded rage of 15 years of the rock underground into a single impassioned roar. Few albums have occupied the cultural consciousness like this one. More from Nirvana

Stevie Ray Vaughan Stevie Ray Vaughan The real deal is that this is not so much a hits package as a hyped collection of songs that made the charts, album tracks, and rarities like Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Pipeline" duet with surf-rock king Dick Dale. More from Stevie Ray Vaughan

buens vista social club Buena Vista Social Club Buena Vista Social Club's self titled first album is musical excellence. Focusing predominantly on son, a traditional Cuban musical form, BVSC delivers, and with spectacular results. This collaborative masterpiece between BVSC and Ry Cooder simply must be experienced.

Bob Marley Bob Marley & The Wailers Legend deluxe edition. Even as greatest hits packages go, this is an utter gem. Every song is inspired and in a class of its own.The real version of "I Shot the Sheriff," "No Woman, No Cry," "Jamming." Includes a second disc of 13 remixes from Legend. More from Bob Marley

music Own your favorite Music Videos. Videos on this edition: Sugar Ray "Every Morning," Nada Surf "Popular," Fountains of Wayne "Denise," Remy Zero "Save Me," Bif Naked "Moment of Weakness," The Living End "Prisoner of Society."

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