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We have watched and reviewed all these surf movies so we can recommend them for you ...It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it!

Fish: Surfboard Documentary
Fish: Surfboard Documentary

Great movie. Should come with a warning: viewer discretion advised, you will end up buying a fish. I loved this movie, it's right up there with Single Fin Yellow and One CA Day. If you're from San Diego, you'll really appreciate it. Even if you're not, it's still really good. Good surfing footage, great history lesson, just all around good. I wish there were others like it. Great to watch while the surf is flat!

thicker than waterThicker Than Water

Compared to other surf DVD films being flooded into the market these days, this is not bad. Music is good, footage is good (note: SHOT ON FILM, not video). It was somewhat hard to figure out where they were. We have clear scenery change, but no indicator to tell us where they really were except for the traditional Irish folk music that obviously indicated they were surfing Ireland. Director's commentary is witty and insightful and gives us perspective that few surf films give us and basically provides a good reason to watch it again -- and again. ALL SURFING DVDs

Archy-Built for Speed Surf Movie
Archy Built for Speed

"When Matt Archbold started surfing back in 1979 at age 11 the world had no idea that it was about to witness one of the most explosive surfers to ever set foot on a surfboard. With a career spanning nearly 3 decades now, Archy is considered to be the most successful free surfer of all time and one of the originators of high performance surfing". This is a movie that teaches us about life and how to live it. Definitely a must see movie.

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Riding Giants
Riding Giants

After watching this movie many times, I am never bored to watch it again. The men and women who ride those massive waves, their philosophy about surfing and life, keeps you wanting more. This movie is definitely a keeper that you will never get bored watching. A great surf movie for surfers and non-surfers.

Click Here for Riding Giants (Special Edition)

kelly slater
Kelly Slater - Letting Go

Don't be fooled by the cover that this movie may be a glory run of Kelly Slater's life. It is much much more than that. Letting Go gives a real glimpse into who Kelly Slater is. The candid interviews and the rivalry with Andy Irons is presented in a real down to earth style. Great footage of Kelly free surfing, probably footage never seen before. After watching this movie you realise what it is to be a true champion. I have watched this movie many times now and never bored to watch it again. Definitely a movie worth watching, and one of our all time favourites.

Bustin Down the Door surf movie
Bustin' Down the Door

The surfing documentary "Bustin' Down the Door" focuses on the Australian and South African surfers that pioneered pro surfing back in the 1970s. Filled with beautiful original footage as well as open, honest, and sometimes emotional interviews, the movie successfully conveys the challenges that Shaun Tomson, Mark Richards, Peter Townend, Ian Cairns, Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew, and Michael Tomson faced in their quest to bring surfing to a worldwide, professional level. Overall the movie is well worth watching and is not your typical surf movie as it deals with much more than just the sport.

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Hot Buttered Soul: The Movie
Hot Buttered Soul: The Movie

Hot Buttered Soul was a revolutionary four track LP released by Isaac Hayes and the Bar-Kays in 1969. A few months later, 20-year-old Terry Fitzgerald, fresh from a Hawaiian winter season and a big fan of funk and soul rhythms decided to identify the name for his new surfboard company with this multi-layered music genre. But all three words didn't quite fit on the rainbow sash logo. Thus Hot Buttered Surfboards were born - and with it one of surfing's true originals. But the third word never went missing. Instead it's lived in the handmade, hand-painted HB surfboards and the styles that arose from riding them, over three decades, in the best surf on the planet.

Ocean Rhythms

A friend Steve Core a surf photography legend dropped into our surf shop and left a few copies of his truly classic movie 'Ocean Rhythms'. Ocean Rhythms has incredible vintage footage of the unique styles of many world class surfers of the day including MP, Rabbit, Mark Richards and P.T in their primes. And features memorable footage of Terry Richardson, Col Smith, Ian Cairns and Peter Crawford all innovators of the surfing world in the 70's.

Ocean RhythmsOcean Rhythms-Steve Core

This movie is definitely a must have, if it was a book it would take pride position on my coffee table. If you are from this era, like I am, you will appreciate the surfboards and surfers and those cute boardshorts we all used to wear. If you are not you will appreciate the pure stoke of the early Australian pioneers in surfing.

If you are thinking about watching Bustin' Down the Door watch this first as it documents the period prior to where BDTD comes in.

Ocean rhythms was shot on 16mm film 35 years ago and has now been digitally remastered into DVD format.

In 1975 Tracks Magazine said this about Ocean Rhythms: For once a surf-film maker has given an audience what they have been wanting; an honest in-depth surfer’s movie featuring Australia’s best surfers on their favorite home breaks.

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The Endless Summer
The Endless Summer

They call it The Endless Summer the ultimate surfing adventure, crossing the glob in search of the perfect wave. From the uncharted waters of West Africa, to the shark-filled seas of Australia, to the tropical paradise of Tahiti and beyond, these California surfers accomplish in a few months what most people never do in a lifetime... They live their dream.

step into liquid surfing DVD
Step into Liquid

This movie really takes you back to the REAL reason we surf and that's the joy of the ride and being one with the wave. What an incredible thing to see big waves on the big screen too! Even non-surfers would greatly enjoy this movie, it's funny and at the same time it really taught me some life lessons, not just surfing ones. I would recommend it to anyone. And if you do surf and you want someone you know to understand why you do it, show them this surfing DVD movie, they'll get the picture.


Peru project surfing DVD
Peel: The Peru Project - A Surf Odyssey

Presenting the newest film from the family that made surf-film history, (Bruce Brown, Endless Summer, Dana Brown, Step into Liquid) Wes Brown and T.J. Barrack take us on-location to the beautiful waters of Peru where surfing is a way of life and surfers are worshiped as National Heroes.


Chasing Mavericks Chasing Mavericks

Based on the inspirational true story of surfing icon Jay Moriarty, OF MEN AND MAVERICKS tells the story of a young man's quest to surf Northern California's most dangerous wave, and the local legend who takes him under his wing. What begins as a mentor-ship turns into a unique lifelong bond, as the two unlikely friends discover that there is nothing more powerful than pushing your limits and chasing a nearly impossible dream.

Toka Toka: A Documentary About Surfing In Forbidden Fiji
Toka Toka-A Documentary About Surfing In Forbidden Fiji

Fiji is the destination for some intrepid surfers on this program. Some of the waves are highly dangerous and usually regarded as off-limits to surfers, making this a real treat for adrenaline addicts.


Laird Hamilton: DVD Box Set
Laird Hamilton: DVD Box Set

Laird - The footage shocked the world. Had it not been captured, no one would believe it was possible, but there it was. Strapped - For years, big wave riders have watched massive waves break on the outer reefs. The physical size and speed of these waves prevented conventional equipment and surfing techniques...but in 1992, eight watermen formed Strapped. Their goal was to develop a strategy which would enable them to safely break this barrier. Tow-in surfing would be realized on one of the biggest waves in the world, and you#ll be there to see it all!


Biggest Seller Billabong surfing DVD
Billabong Odyssey

The opening sequence, with Mike Parsons riding a 70-foot wall of water, was possibly the most exciting beginning to any film I have ever seen. The film chronicles the ongoing search to find and ride the world's biggest wave by eight hardcore surfers of tremendous courage and discipline. Their expedition takes them from Oregon to Australia, from Tahiti to Hawaii to Mexico, and Europe in between. The best surf movie, and one of the best action movies I've ever seen.


Kumbaya: The End of the Road Project: Corey Lopez

The End of the Road Project: Corey Lopez The Spring 2003 Tahiti sessions saw forty-four of the world's best touring surfers, a handful of hellmen and the local crew meet The Swell From Hell head-on. Meanwhile, at The Right, death-defying barrels are forgotten for an afternoon as Chris Ward, Kalani Robb, Joel Parkinson, Shea Lopez and Taylor Knox blow the tops off of some of the best high-performance waves the world has to offer. And the reason everyone's here in the first place: The Billabong Tahiti Pro goes off in epic conditions. Andy Irons, Shane Dorian, Cory Lopez and crew score perfect barrels with Kelly Slater weaving through mind-blowing sections in an epic final against Taj Burrow to claim his second Teahupo'o win. Commentary by Shea Lopez and Pat O'Connell.


Kelly Slater
Kelly Slater - Black and White DVD

In Black and White is an in-depth profile of 6-time world surfing champ, Kelly Slater (Riding Giants), before he went on to be the most dominant and influential surfer of all time! In Black and White is arguably one of the best surf films of all time on the most exciting surfer in the world!


classic surf movies from the 50's and 60's

classic surf movies from the 50's and 60's A must have for any surf movie collection

Blue Horizon is a surf movie
Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon is a surf movie with a new angle. For the last two years Jack McCoy follows the lives of current world surfing champion Andy Irons and 'soul surfer' Dave 'Rasta' Rastovich. The movie looks at cultural differences between the worlds of competition surfing and free surfing. The film has a backdrop of the history of surfing, as well as, visiting some amazing surf locations around the globe.


September sessions - surfing DVD
September Sessions.

An amazing movie with only the best surf footage ever released onto a 16mm film. Jack Johnson not only a gifted surfer, and singer/songwriter, but also a movie genius. The visual aspect of this movie is great, the surf adventure is amzaing, and it even has an awesome soundtrack to back it up. Rad job Jack I give it 2 enthusiastic thumbs up!

Other surfing DVD's by Jack Johnson

Rip curl this way up DVD
This Way Up

From Mick Fanning tearing at J-Bay to Jamie O'Brien barrelled at Backdoor, Deeper, faster, harder, higher' From Mick Fanning tearing at J-Bay to Jamie O'Brien barrelled at Backdoor, Fresh from the success of his profile video FANNING THE FIRE, the world's fastest surfer joins Pipeline charger and new-school aerialist, Jamie O'Brien, to lift the levels of surfing progression. A tight, fast, well-edited surf video, with teen sensation Dane Reynolds boosting at Trestles, Australian prodigy Travis Lynch letting loose in Indonesia, and European junior champ Pablo Gutierrez threading throaty barrels off the coast of Africa. ALL SURFING DVDs

Longboard Fever
Longboard Fever

The action never stops in this surfing DVD Kevin Connelly's amazing footwork winning him the MSA Club Classic contest at Malibu; one of the best days ever at Swami's; Cardiff, Rincon, and even the Wedge going off; Joel Tudor free-surfing Cardiff and styling his way to victory at the US Open at Huntington; and an hilarious section featuring a radio a controlled surfer ripping HUGE (to him) gnarlburgers. "Longboard Fever" is a must have. the DVD also contains 20 minutes bonus footage!


endless summer 2 surfing DVD
Endless Summer 2

Twenty-eight years after directing the documentary The Endless Summer, Bruce Brown went on a similar quest with two surfers to find the perfect wave. With a bigger budget and more sophistication in the production, this sequel is even more spectacular. What is lost in innocence--which The Endless Summer was rich in--is made up for in stunning looks at pristine beaches on exotic and even unlikely (for example, Alaska) shores.


Chords: J Bay, Naturally: Kelly Slater
Chords: J Bay, Naturally: Kelly Slater

Jeffreys Bay is one of the natural wonders of the surfing world. A perfect right point break en route from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town on Africa¿s southern tip, Starring: Kelly Slater, Mark Occhilupo, Damien Hobgood, Joel Parkinson, Mick Fanning, Taylor Knox, Dean Morrison, Taj Burrow, Dan Malloy and more¿ Music By: Blood of Abraham, Dynamite Boy, Phunk Junkeez, Richmond Sluts, Jay Soul, The Hangmen, and Get Set Go.


surfing for life
Surfing for Life DVD

An incredible film for young and old. A tribute to the fact that life doesn't end after 60. A healthy mind and attitude can carry a person well into their 90's. "Doc" Ball is an example, still surfing at the age of 93. There is joy, laughter, and even a few tears, a film that is touching and filled with the Aloha Spirit.


Liquid Stage
Liquid Stage:

The Lure of Surfing This surf DVD takes you on a spiritual journey from surfing's evolution on the shores of Hawaii to the beaches of Southern California and the world.

surfings lensmen
Doc Ball ~ Surfing's Legendary Lensman

COOL SURF MOVIE!! Doc's photography was published worldwide in The Encyclopedia Britannica, National Geographic Magazine, Life Magazine and the London Daily Mirror. Lensman covers Doc's relationship with the Father of Surfing, Duke Kahanamoku. Includes a breathtaking sequence of Doc skateboarding down a a steep hill at 92 years old.


surfing mexico
Siestas & Olas A Surfing Journey Through Mexico

Follow four world-class surfers living the lifestyle most only dream about - for three months these adventurers drive their Chevy Suburban from dusty Baja to tropical mainland's Puerto Escondido. "Siestas & Olas", Spanish meaning 'naps' and 'waves', beautifully captures the true travel experience.


surfing dvd bruce brown
Surfing Hollow Days

The fourth surfing movie Bruce Brown made travels to Mexico, California and Florida, along with a trip to Australia and Hawaii with Phil Edwards. Features a fifteen-foot shark checking the line-up at Rincon and the first wave ever ridden at Pipeline. Time to hang ten with another of Brown's outstanding surf.


Blue Crush
Blue Crush (Surfing DVD Documentary)

Not to be confused with the 2002 feature film of the same title, Blue Crush is billed as the original all-girl surfer's movie, and it's guaranteed to please devotees of the sport. It's a mixed blessing, however, because it assumes familiarity with the sport and its superstars.


Surf Crazy
Surf Crazy

The second film by the grandfather of surf movies, Bruce Brown, Surf Crazy focuses on a surfing trip to Mexico in 1959, a time when surfing was so obscure that most of the Mexicans encountered along the Pacific shoreline had no idea why the crazy young Americans had long wooden boards strapped to the roof of their cars.


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