Surfing Kalim Beach

Surfing Kalim Reef Break

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Kalim Beach Surfing Conditions

south-east to north-east
mid to high
.5 to 3 metres
Surf Details
shallow coral reef

As you come down the last hill from Nakalay bay you will see Patong in the distance. Just as you round the last bend at the bottom, on the right, near the White Box Restaurant, is Kalim beach. Alternatively it is the far northern end of Patong bay.

Kalim beach is regarded as one of the better surf breaks on Phuket. It is a shallow coral right hand reef break with the occasional left. When the surf is too big elsewhere Kalim is a good option, as it is a bit protected from the swell. On these big days there are rideable waves further out towards the headland.

The wave ride is about 50-100 metres long and gets very shallow at the end. At times Kalim can be crowded, but friendly. It doesn't mean however, there won't be days when you can get a wave to yourself. Paddle out directly in front of the break and veer to the left as you get closer to the breaking waves.

Surfing Kalim Beach

In 2004 Phuket had heavy rains, Phukets average monthly rainfall fell in one day. The massive amount of water from this washed away the Kalim road and a few cars and motorbikes with it. Patong and surrounding areas were under 4 feet of water.

Here are some photos of the flood at Kalim

Kalim Beach Storm 2004

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