Surfing Kamala Beach

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Kamala Beach Surf

Kamala Surfing Conditions

.5  to  3 metres
beginner to experienced
Surf Details

-When it's under 1 metre- on low tide.

-When it's over 1 metre- on any tide.

-The point: mid tide, on a bigger swell.
point break for experienced surfers

Fifteen minutes north of Patong beach at the top of Khao Phanthurat pass, you will see the surf at Kamala Bay. The 2.5 km bay is lined with casuarina trees and coconut palms. Kamala beach has a small fishing village atmosphere, but it is changing, with bars, restaurants and guesthouses appearing almost everyday.

Kamala beach in-spite of this has a very relaxed atmosphere. It is a popular rental area for people who are staying a few months or more on the island.

If you take the first left turn at the bottom of the hill, coming from Patong, you will come to a small bridge continue to the left and you will find two isolated small beaches, no surf here, but a good place to relax and do a bit of snorkeling and it overlooks all of Kamala's surf spots.

Further out to the headland you can see a surfing point break (pic below) which works on a mid-tide, on a swell over 1 metre. Surf between the island and the headland.

kamala beach surf pics

Back to the bridge and a right turn brings you to a small village along the beach going north. There are surfable beach breaks which run down the end of the reef near some local guesthouses, best on a swell of over 1 metre. Back to the main road and head north, past Phuket Fantasea, first left turn takes you down to the police station and the beach access, the sand banks here can get quite good.

Back to the main road again and as you go over a small bridge you will see to your left Intercontinental Hotel and beach clubs and Novatel Hotel in the corner, known as Northies, here is probably one of the better places to surf at Kamala Beach. you will see a few small signs directing you down to the beach.

This end of Kamala is a beach break with the sand banks being held stable by surrounding reefs. The waves here are very consistent and work from 1/2 to 3 metres. The wave can be quite fat and slow when it is big as it breaks further out but as it gets closer to shore the wave starts to stand up.

On smaller days this end of Kamala Beach is also good for beginners and people learning to surf

Surfing Kamala Beach

There is also a small surfable point-reef break (below) can get very good but short waves...very inconsistant though.

Kamala Beach Northern Headland

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