Surfing Koh Samui

Koh Samui Surf

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Surfing Koh Samui

From October through to December, there's no doubt Samui has got surf. The Koh Samui surfing scene is alive with dedicated local surfers and tourists, all out there to grab the most fun out of 3-4 foot beach breaks.

Chaweng beach is definitely the most popular surfing beach in Koh Samui. There are surfboards and bodyboards for rent along the beach and many of the local surfers are happy to give you tips on surfing if you are a first timer.

Koh Samui Surf

The 'Left Alone' reef break off Chaweng beach is rarely ridden. The 'Left Alone' gives a long surfable left hander and is best surfed at mid to high tide, when the waves are over 4 feet. At low tide it can become too shallow for surfing.

In front of the Baan Taling Naam Resort is a reef break suitable for experienced surfers only. It breaks on a shallow coral reef and as reports go can get quite fast and sucky. It is not consistent as Chawaeng beach, but when the conditions are right this reef break produces very long waves that break along the reef finishing in front of the Five Islands Restaurant. It relies on swells from the north.

Other Surf Spots in Samui

There are a few other spots in Samui, but keep in mind that they don't break everyday and access makes it difficult to get waves at these surf spots when it is good, you have to be lucky and watch everyday.

Koh Samui Reef Break

One surf spot rarely spoken of here is a reef break out off the Kamalaya Resort. This reef can produce very long and fast waves. But as mentioned before you have to be there on the right day.

Another spot is only accessible by boat and is actually not on Samui Island but on a small island to the south. The long breaking waves start from behind a small islet and break towards the island. Reef break and isolated, for the experienced and adventurous only.

Surfing in Koh Samui is a case of exploring and looking everyday, checking weather patterns and swell directions. If you do get one of these places working well though, it will be a surfing memory that will stay with you forever.

Webcam of Chaweng Beach Koh Samui

Local Koh Samui Surfer

You can find plenty of places to stay in Koh Samui as the hotel guesthouse and resort industry is booming.

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Photos of Surfing in Koh Samui

We have done our best to go surfing in Thailand as much as possible and to include our personal experiences of this beach and other surf spots in Thailand-Since 2000, we are the original surfing Phuket guide someone's gotta do it!!

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