Lombok Island & Beyond

The Island

Lombok Island has two meanings, which are chili and straight a head (as people do daily) Lombok has so much nature and culture to see and learn, situated in West Nusa Tenggara province Indonesia just east of Bali Island.

Lombok is only approximately 85 km from north to south and 100 km from west to east. The island is divided to two main landscapes, mountainous at the northern part ended by Rinjani Volcano Mountain as the highest volcano in Indonesia it is 3724 meters high from sea level.

Lombok island map
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In the south it is flat with small hills ended by many exciting white sandy beaches and coves. The coastline has many reef breaks and beach breaks for surfers. There are more than 11 beautiful islets sheltered by the main Island with each having their own unique surroundings, on and under the water.

How to get there

Lombok Island can be reached from Singapore by Silk Air (a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines) and from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia by Merpati Airlines daily by International direct flight to Lombok.

Domestic flights are available from all over Indonesia with transit in Jakarta, Jogjakarta, also from Surabaya or Bali as the closest island will take only 25 minutes to fly. From the island there are a few direct flights to Sumbawa Island, and to the closest island Komodo or by an adventure overland tour.

The People

The island's locals are called Sasak which are only in Lombok, Sasak is their local language. Lombok and its people have unique attractions and activities different to other islands anywhere in Indonesia. On Lombok you can also see the influence of Bali with all their daily activities and attractions especially on the west part of the Island.

Lombok Island

There are a few genuine Sasak houses, also small villages still can be visited daily. The major religion of the Sasak people is Islam about 80% of the community, Approximately 3.300.000 people. the rest are Hindus, Buddhism and Christians. There are also mixed local ethnic people who share both Islam and Buddhism and are called Islam Wektu Telu people.

Surrounding Islands

The southwest coast is the best for exploring many virgin islets, such as Gili (islet) Nanggu, Gili Tangkong, Gili Sudak, Gili Gede and other, go surfing at Bangko-bangko or at other points some of the Best beaches in Indonesia, diving in Sepi bay with their virgin under water life.

The new resort called Kuta Beach at south coast of Lombok is waiting to refresh of your soul with its nature beauty and unique gold sandy beaches that could felt massaging of our body and soul, at the line coast you could surf, dive, swim, snorkel or lye down on the sand, shined by the clear sunshine.

Lombok Island

Vivid Green Rice Terraces are waiting you to enjoy soft walking tour as one of the best way to observe the greenery fresh atmosphere around Central and East Lombok. Nature arts are waiting to visit and explore with all greenery rainforest on the north mountain line coast such as Senaru beauty sloop of Rinjani, possible to trek while the Segenter origin of Mountain people welcome us with their genuine and unique way.

Lombok Island

The most interesting islands beyond Lombok are having different unique natures and cultures too as the other islands could complete your holiday and waiting to be visited such as Sumbawa Island with its Moyo Island has genuine nature and under water life for who really like the tropical jungle tents boutique hotel,

The Sumbawa kingdom palace as our most destination in City tour and passing colorful of exciting nature en route to the end of Island called Sape when taking an overland tour to Komodo the giant lizard island. You will get more experiences and enjoy the trip more than you thinking after visited.

Where to Stay

Lombok has complete accommodation for visitors Starting from 5 star hotels

Lombok has also several boutique and small hotels. There are many hotels and home stays on surrounding Islets too.

Lombok Island has all the nature needs for visitors, easy to get to island just the same as Bali or other cities in Indonesia.

Lombok, Sumbawa and Komodo Islands are exciting islands to visit with an enormous range of interesting things to do and to see (if you have time please allow at least eleven (10) days to enjoy special nature and cultural attractions on each Island),

Lombok Indonesia

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