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Kindle's winning combination of noteworthy upgrades—an improved screen, better battery life, lighter weight, and lower price—vaults it to the top of the e-book reader category. The new e-reader's premium features, reasonable price, and wide variety of content make it the best e-reader on the market

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Our Top Picks for Kindle Books about Surfing

surf better

Latest edition: v.2.0, revised, expanded and improved

Longboard + Shortboard, with new images and detailed explanations. Includes detailed Shortboard section* with multiple images and analysis of common moves including off-the-lip and aerials, plus common errors to avoid. Surf Better is a must-have book for surfers, ocean-goers and anyone looking for a simple, effective way to get in shape and stay there. A complete surfing program including fitness, tactics and techniques, wave knowledge, and more. Fully illustrated.

Learn To Surf: A Woman's Guide To Surfing With Confidence Kindle Edition

Learn To Surf: A Woman's Guide To Surfing With Confidence - Kindle Edition

Whether you have yet to have a lesson or having been surfing for a year, Learn To Surf: A Woman's Guide To Surfing With Confidence will give you all the info you need to confidently navigate your way through the surfing world. From waxing up, selecting your board, understanding conditions and forecasting, to safety, etiquette, traveling and more. Fun, easy to read and written for women by women. Download the Kindle cloud reader version and read on any device anywhere! With this easy to read, fun guide to surfing you will learn: How to choose the right board for your size, skill level and goals, How to not only wax your board correctly but how to choose the right type of wax for conditions How to understand, read and choose surf spots based on weather and surf forecasts Surf Etiquette and rules of the lineup Ocean Safety Plus much more

Suitable for surfers who have yet to take a lesson, or have been surfing for a year, Learn To Surf: A Woman’s Guide to Surfing With Confidence is short and to the point.

Including sections dedicated to surfing with kids, travel and shark safety, this learn to surf guide comes with instructional photos, diagrams, glossary and a quick run down on Australian surfing culture and history.

7 Laws of Surfing [Kindle Edition]

7 Laws of Surfing

This book is extremely insightful and would be interesting reading for not only surfers of any caliber but any person who is looking at adopting a philosophy of approaching life and overcoming the challenges we face. This book will do far more than teach you to ride the literal waves; it will serve as a guide to propel your life with purpose and intention toward an existence that you can own and feel at home with.

Surfer's Code Shaun Tomson

the book is written by a surfer for surfers. It has values for life and a sense of direction for all who enjoy the waves. You don't need to be a surfer to enjoy "Surfer's Code". Shaun's 12 lessons don't only apply in the ocean, they can and should be used in all our lives. The world would be a much nicer place!

Peter really portrayed his journey from a kook to a real surfer extremely accurately. He learned that the journey is not all about skill in the ocean but respecting the ocean and learning about surfing history and etiquette from people who make up the surfing family.

A Good Man's Guide To Surfing: A beginners introduction to surfing and the ocean.
A Good Man's Guide To Surfing is a handbook for people wanting to learn how to surf. This book is simple to read and focuses on the important aspects of learning how to surf. Amazing book for beginners or amateurs looking to get back to basics. This book gets nothing but 5 star reviews.

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