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Learn to Surf Books

Surf Better Surf Better: complete surfing program [Paperback] Dave Rearwin Surf Better is a must-have book for surfers, ocean-goers and anyone looking for a simple, effective way to get in shape and stay there. The only simple, effective, zero-impact, surf-specific workout available. A complete surfing program including fitness, tactics and techniques, wave knowledge, and more. Fully illustrated with charts, diagrams and how-to surf photos.

art of surfing

A Training Manual for the Developing and Competitive Surfer Covers boards and other equipment, the anatomy of waves, body position and stance, and techniques for everything from paddling to walking the nose. Special chapters on competition and training, bio-mechanics, and the psychology of surfing round-out this first-of-its-kind textbook for the developing surfer

Surfing: A Beginner's Manual
Surfing: A Beginner's Manual
Wayne Alderson Surfing is an exhilarating sport, but it's difficult and dangerous to learn, unless you're well-informed, prepared, and respectful of the ocean's powers.

Taj Burrow's Book of Hot Surfing
Taj Burrow's Book of Hot Surfing
CHECK IT OUT! Tips for people who can already surf and want to take it too the next level.

girls surfing
Girl's Guide to Surfing
The Girl's Guide to Surfing delivers all a girl needs to score the wave of her choice. The surfing population has recently exploded, and women are in the water more than ever. For all these hearty souls, author Andrea McCloud delivers down-to-earth instruction and indispensable advice.

Mastering Waves
Mastering Waves-Beginner to Intermediate
The definitive how-to surfing guide! Surfing's not just for rebels anymore: anyone with the desire to ride a wave is grabbing a board and heading to the beach. Covering topics ranging from basic techniques to fitness prep (including exercises to get your arms ready for all that paddling and stretches to keep you limber) and from history, surf culture, and a complete explanation of gear, to how to find the right board for you, this book also features insights from industry leaders, pro surfers, and instructors.

learn to surf
Learn to Surf
James MacLaren Learn to Surf is an introductory guide to surfing that teaches the fundamentals with detailed, step-by-step instructions.

Surf's Up: Girls Guide to Surfing
this is an excellent learning to surf book for surfers of any level, but focuses on beginners. There's a great history of women in surfing and profiles of today's up and comers. The book is well written and well designed, there are great photographs throughout. I wish I would have had this book when I started surfing, I had to learn the hard way! It's great to see the women of surfing getting the attention they deserve.

learn to surf
Learn to Surf 1-2-3
Learn to Surf 1-2-3 is designed especially for women. It will give you the self-confidence you need to get you surfing.

learn to surf
Learn to Surf for Beginners (Paperback) by Academy of Surfing Instructors "
When you have successfully completed this chapter you will be able to: Apply knowledge of the characteristics of different types of waves, and their impact. Fantastic- best I have seen. Easy to follow. Photos helped show me the right and wrong way to do things.

surfers start up
Surfer's Start Up
Both of these books use a relaxed, casual approach that is entirely appropriate to the subject matter Doug Werner covers basic instruction and beyond.

learn to surf
Learn to Surf: Intermediate Level (Paperback) by Academy of Surfing Instructors "1.
Access and interpret meteorological information and determine surfing activity once you have considered weather information. Learning to surf is not as hard as it seems. You just need to the information provided here.

complete guide to surfing
The Complete Guide to Surfing
Peter Dixon, Mark Renneker A complete learning to surf book

sister surfer

Sister Surfer : A Woman's Guide to Surfing with Bliss and Courage

“SISTER SURFER does a great job of both explaining how to surf and breaking down the barriers that prevent women from experiencing the sport. A great read that will surely empower and motivate surfers of every level and ability.” -- Raul Guisado, author of The Art of Surfing

Learn to Surf DVDs

andy irons learn to surf "Learn to Surf with Andy Irons" Surfing Video DVD Filmed in Hawaii and bro-hosted by TransWorld Surf Magazine's Chris Cote, Learn To Surf: The Fundamentals is sure to make you think, laugh, and paddle out today. Andy Irons hosts this revolutionary, fun and hilarious instructional film on the fundamentals of learning how to surf. Presented by Billabong and TransWorld Surf, Volume 001 in this collector's series focuses on the basics, while surfers of all skill levels will find helpful tips on surfing better.

Learn to Surf for Beginners DVD

Learn to Surf for Beginners DVD Academy of Surfing Instructors An excellent DVD for beginners. The short chapters makes it easy to learn the information. The practice tips out of the water are great. Really fun and inspiring. My surfing has improved amazingly. I just keep going back to different chapters and reviewing it all.

Learn To Surf: A Woman's Guide To Surfing With Confidence Kindle Edition Learn To Surf: A Woman's Guide To Surfing With Confidence - Kindle Edition Whether you have yet to have a lesson or having been surfing for a year, Learn To Surf: A Woman's Guide To Surfing With Confidence will give you all the info you need to confidently navigate your way through the surfing world. From waxing up, selecting your board, understanding conditions and forecasting, to safety, etiquette, traveling and more. Fun, easy to read and written for women by women.

Learn to Surf with Surfer Joe Learn to Surf with Surfer Joe (Includes Part 1 & 2) "Learn to Surf with Surfer Joe" DVD includes both Parts 1 and 2; will play in ALL REGIONS, in English.

Roxy Surf, Now
A short movie, but has some good tips on learning to surf

Richard Schmidt Learn To Surf & Ocean Safety DVD Richard Schmidt Learn To Surf & Ocean Safety DVD A step-by-step guide to the thrill of surfing, hosted by legendary California big-wave rider Richard Schmidt.

Learn to Surf

Corky Carroll's Learn to Surf DVD
Corky Carroll is a legend in the sport of surfing. He was United States overall champion five times, International Professional Champion three times, winner of the World small wave Championship, the International Big Wave Championship, and was named the "Best Surfer in the World" By Surfer Magazine.

Surf Fitness

A Surfer's Guide for Flexibility & Conditioning A Surfer's Guide for Flexibility & Conditioning

Rick McAvoy A Surfer's Guide could prevent the back problems,pulled muscles,and other physical ailments that have plagued surfers for centuries. -- Surfing Magazine,December 2001 A Surfer's Guide for Flexibility & Conditioning pinpoints specific exercises which condition the muscle groups most utilized during surfing. -- Eastern Surf Magazine, June 2001 In this new book from physical therapist Rick McAvoy, there's some great information on stretching and strengthening the body. -- TRANSWORLD SURF, Nov 2001

The 45 page book focuses on honing flexibility, balance, timing, agility, core muscle strength and overall conditioning. -- LONGBOARD MAGAZINE, Aug/Sept 2001

Laird Hamilton Force of Nature: Mind, Body, Soul (And, of Course, Surfing) Force of Nature is a detailed map to that destination, with Laird Hamilton as the reader's guide. It's not about chasing trophies or accolades or cash. It's about quality over quantity soul and being true to your physical, mental, and spiritual roots. Not only is it possible to thrive in the modern world without adopting its harmful habits, it's essential. And not only has Hamilton mastered this balance, he makes a compelling and articulate case that anyone who wants to can do the same.

This book is a deeply authoritative and cutting-edge guide to peak fitness in mind, body, soul, and surfing. It comes directly from the source and his inner circle, which includes those at the vanguard of sports, training, nutrition, and more. Former pro volleyball player Gabrielle Reece; surf legend Dave Kalama; fitness gurus Paul Chek, T.R. Goodman, and Don Wildman; and Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis all contribute their knowledge. Readers will get an all-access pass into an elite world filled with definitive and provocative ideas.

yoga for surfers
Yoga for Surfers
Whether you're new to surfing, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between, you'll find that practicing yoga will do more than just improve your surfing; it will enhance every aspect of your life! Features avid surfer and certified yoga instructor Peggy Hall and top pro surfers Rochelle Ballard and Taylor Knox Learn surf-specific moves designed to prevent injury.

Fit to Surf Fit to Surf : The Surfer's Guide to Strength and Conditioning (Paperback)

Fit to Surf, a cutting-edge surfing-specific fitness guide, supplies surfers of all levels of experience with everything they need to create a personal fitness program that builds strength and endurance, increases balance and coordination, and minimizes the risk of injury.

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