Phuket Surf Report Archive for 2007

First surfing waves at Kalim Beach for 2007 First waves at Kalim Beach for 2007


13th: The waves are finally here over the last 2 days solid clean waves of 3-5 feet occasional bigger sets on all beaches

14th: Solid swell continues, but light to moderate onshore winds making bumpy conditions.

15th to 17th: solid swell continues 3-6 feet+ waves, moderate cross shore winds making surfing condition a little bumpy

18th to 20th: Solid swells with smoother conditions continue

27th to 31st: Waves very small to flat, try very open beaches on a low to rising tide.


1st to 7th: Waves very small to flat, try very open beaches on a low to rising tide.

8th to12th: There has been no real change with the waves, flat to 1-2 feet, evening thunder storms.

13th: Slight increase in wave size today on the rising tide, still nothing special though.

14th: waves back to flat today 🙁

15th waves a little bigger again, nice clean but small waves on most beaches.

16th to 17th A solid swell of 4-5 feet occasional bigger sets, weather, rainy and overcast. Good waves in protected corners.

18th to 20th: strong winds and storms with a rising swell.

21st to 22nd: Storms have settled and now big clean waves, great waves and surfing reported on all beaches in Phuket and further north. 🙂

23rd: swell has dropped a little with 3-6 feet waves on most beaches, smooth conditions.

24th to 29th Sorry no reports, visiting the City of Angels. But by all accounts waves have been great!

30th Waves perfect offshore 4-6 feet.

surfing kalim beach 2007


1st to 5th waves 2-4 feet moderate onshore winds making protected corners the only option.

6th Small waves with moderate onshore winds.

7th The swell is bigger today with waves 4-6 feet light to moderate onshore winds, protected corners are best.

8th to 11th: The waves have been around 4-6 feet with moderate to strong winds, sometimes early morning and late afternoons the winds drop and turn offshore providing clean waves.

13th - 19th: Waves over the past week have been at most times clean and smooth 4- 6 feet. Today the swell has dropped with 2-3 feet waves with smooth conditions

20th to 21st: waves 2-3 feet. Reports of head high waves and smooth conditions on the low tide.

22nd to 26th Perfect surfing conditions with light offshore winds, problem is waves are about knee high. Beginners only.

27th to 30th waves decreasing to almost flat small surfable waves on open beaches on mid tides.

31st to 1st: Small surfable waves 2-3 feet on open beaches smooth and glassy conditions.


2nd to 4th: waves continue small but surfable, out of season weather with light conditions

5th to 8th: Swell 4-6 feet winds lighter earlier in the week increasing to strong on Wednesday. At the moment good surfing waves in protected corners.

9th: 6-8 feet waves and strong onshore winds, head for protected corners. 10th: waves solid 4-6 feet and light winds great surfing on the island!

26th to 27th: There are no waves in Phuket at the moment. Good time to learn to surf in Phuket

28th to 30th: very small waves, heavy rain making conditions unpleasant. 31st: The sun is out and small surfable waves on many beaches. Great time to learning to surf in Phuket


1st to 4th: Rain storm and at times strong onshore winds. Waves 2-5 feet. Surfable waves in protected corners or when the wind drops in the evenings.

5th to 6th: Clean clear conditions with 2-3 feet waves on most beaches.

7th to 8th: Weather remains calm and clear, with very small waves on open beaches. Great conditions for learning to surf

10th to 15th: Weather is stormy at times swell has been small. Today 15th waves are building with strong onshore winds.

16th-25th: Sorry bout the delay on the reports... waves have been great and consistent for the last ten days. Waves on all beaches with light conditions, 3-5 feet, great surfing over the past few days.

26th: Moderate winds and rain made conditions bumpy but there is plenty of swell to surf.


2nd-6th: Bad weather continues with the occasional sunny day, surfable waves in protected corners.

7th - 12th: Waves were consistent small but very surfable.

13th: There are no waves in Phuket.

27th - 28th: Strong winds and a rising swell, waves up to 6 feet on open beaches. Protected corners are best for surfing.


2nd: Weather has settled with clear skies and light winds. Waves are very small, but some surfable peaks on open beaches. Patong tonight is the Patong festival, lots of fun.

6th: There are no surfable waves in Phuket.

12th: Over the past 2 days there have been small surfable waves in Phuket best on mid to low tide. Reports of surf in Koh Samui with waves at Chawaeng beach.

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