Surf Archive for 2011-2013

January to April

December-January: Only very small waves on some beaches at low tide, good for first time beginners only.

13th-15th Jan: Nice clean 3-5 feet waves

16th Jan-onward : Lake Andaman is here! No waves at the moment.

27th March: waist to head high waves, light off-shore winds in Phuket. Koh Samui and surrounding areas big swells.

28-29th March: Rain, rain, rain.

30th-30th April: No waves, some very small waves if you are a first time beginner on the low tide.


1st-2nd May: Waves head high and bigger on open beaches, light off-shore winds.

3rd-5th May: Waves waist high, with light on-shore winds in the afternoon.

6th May: Up to head high waves. Smooth in the morning winds picking up in the afternoon.

7-9th May: Up to 3 meter faces on open beaches. Wind squalls and ESE winds.

11-13th May: Wave size up to 6 feet face on open beaches, on-shore winds continue.

14th - 23rd small waves on most beaches with slight winds in the morning

29th May: Nice waves today, 4-6 feet faces and smooth conditions in protected corners.


30-1st June: Increasing swell head high and bigger with strong on-shore winds. 2nd - 3rd June: waves head high and bigger. Storms and squalls making condition messy at times. 4th-28th- Conditions have remained unchanged with light to moderate WSW winds and head high and bigger waves.

26-29th Aug-Strong winds and heavy rain. Waves increasing in size with 8 feet faces. Protected corners out of the wind are best

30th-31st Aug-Perfect conditions with 6-8 feet face waves and clean smooth conditions, great surfing on all beaches

1st- 6th Sept-Perfect conditions with very small waves, great for people learning to surf

7th-12th Sept-Big seas big winds and rain.

13th-16th Sept-Perfect conditions with headhigh to double overhead waves, light off-shore winds

17th-23rd Sept-Stormy conditions with with choppy 3-5 feet waves.

24th-25th Sept-Smooth and glassy conditions small 2-4 feet waves.

26th-27th Sept-Stormy conditions with with choppy 3-5 feet waves, swell appears to be increasing.


April 21: There are small wind swell waves on all beaches today

May 1-7 : There are head high and sometimes bigger waves on all beaches. Onshore winds making conditions bumpy. Extreme high tides making mid to low tide the best option.

May 7-31 : There are 6-8 feet and bigger waves on all beaches. Onshore winds making conditions bumpy.

June 1-11: Big storms, big swell, strong winds

June 12-13: Perfect conditions, slight south to no wind, waves head high, bigger on open beaches.

June 19-21: Perfect conditions, gusty south to no wind, waves head high, bigger on open beaches.

June 22: Perfect conditions, no wind, waves head high, bigger on open beaches.

June-September: Some great waves! We haven't seen a flat day since the beginning of the surf season.

October 13-14th: Kamala Go Surfing Club 10th annual surfing contest-Open, Longboard, Beginners, Groms

October 25th: Surf season is over for 2012, time to go SUPing.


6th April: First small waves of the 2013 season, strong NW winds making protected northern corners the best bet.

7th-15th April: No waves for this period. Looks like the possibility of some storm swell in the coming days

17th April: First real waves of the season, stormy with very short period. Nice waves, in the afternoon, up to head high with slight winds

18th April-6th May: FLAT

7th May: Building swell with offshore winds. Many beaches still don't have sand banks set, so waves breaking close to shore

8th-10th May: Perfect conditions, offshore winds waves 6-8 feet faces

11th-28th May: Consistent waves, with rain squalls at times. Still best on mid to low tide and on reefs

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