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Commencing June 2005

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June 2005

Saturday 4th Sunday 5th: Strong on-shore winds today from the SE. Waves remain around 3-5 feet, difficult to find shelter from the wind.

Monday 6th Tuesday 7th Wednesday 8th: There are surfable waves in Phuket at the moment, with 5-7 feet waves, rain storms and strong winds easing early morning and late afternoon.

Thursday 9th: Waves 3-6 feet off-shore winds during the day with winds turning on-shore later in the afternoon. Surfable waves on most beaches.

Friday 10th: 3-5 feet waves with occasionally bigger sets, slight off-shore winds. All beaches today had great surfing waves.

Saturday 11th: 3-5 feet smooth and glassy, on-shore winds in the afternoon.

Sunday 12th: 2-4 feet slight SW winds, southern corners are best.

Monday 13th: The waves have picked up to 4-6 feet bigger on open beaches, variable winds making protected corners the better places to surf.

Tuesday 14th: swell size remains good with 3-6 feet waves. Moderate on-shore winds making the protected corners the best.

Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th: Waves of 4-6 feet moderate on-shore winds making conditions bumpy, protected corners having the best waves.

Friday 17th: Waves of 4-6 feet moderate on-shore winds making conditions bumpy, protected corners having the best waves.

Saturday 18th, Sunday 19th: The surf report at the moment is boring conditions are the same, with on-shore winds, swell 3-5 feet, rain at times. Nothing's changed.

Monday 20th: swell continues at 4-6 feet, strong on-shore winds making surf conditions bumpy.

Tuesday 21st: Waves are 3-5 feet with moderate SSW winds, look for protected corners.

Wednesday 22nd: Waves are 2-4 feet with ocasional bigger sets. Winds continue to be slight to moderate on-shore easing in the afternoon.

Thursday 23rd: Waves are 2-4 feet slight variable winds with nice clean waves on all beaches. Friday 24th reports from all over the island today were of perfect 2-5 feet glassy waves. Late afternoon thunderstorms finished a classic day.

Saturday 25th: Waves 2-4 feet and glassy, good surf on all beaches, winds and thunderstorms in the afternoon, making a late surf messy.

Sunday 26th: 1-3 feet light to moderate on-shore winds, making only protected corners surfable.

Monday 27th: 1-3 feet waves moderate on-shore winds.

Tuesday 28th: Waves 1-3 feet with light on-shore winds. Surfable wave on most beaches.

Wednesday 29th: Waves 3-5 feet variable winds, good waves on protected beaches.

Thursday 30th: Nice 2-4 feet waves on most beaches with light winds.

Wave Report

Wind Report

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July 2005

Friday 1st: Little or no wind with waves 2-3 feet, glassy conditions. The Phuket surf report is back. Over the past week the waves have been of a good size from 2-6 feet.

Tuesday 12th: Today waves were small and glassy in the morning and picking up to 3-5 feet in the afternoon. Winds were variable with light off-shore winds in the morning.

Wednesday 13th: Very small waves at around 1-3 feet on most beaches, the light smooth conditions made up for the small swell.

Thursday 14th: Small but glassy waves. Some of the more open beaches were best today - Surin beach, Kamala beach, Karon beach and Nai Yang beach.

Friday 15th: Small and smooth conditions. 2-4 feet waves variable winds of-shore at times.

Saturday 16th: Waves in the morning were 1- 3 feet with glassy conditions. The winds increased in the afternoon making conditions bumpy.

Sunday 17th: 1-2 feet waves light winds only open beaches have surfable waves.

Monday 18th: The swell was extremely small today only big enough for people under 2 feet high.

Saturday 23rd: 2-4 feet waves with moderate on-shore winds, better waves are in the protected corners.

Sunday 24th: 2-6 feet with moderate on-shore winds.

Monday 25th Tuesday 26th: 3-6 feet strong on-shore winds easing a little in the afternoon. The tides are very high due to the recent full moon.

Wednesday 27th: 3-6 feet strong on-shore winds.

Thursday 28th: 2-5 feet with occasional bigger sets, on-shore winds continue. Friday 29th: waves 2-5 feet with occasional bigger sets. moderate WSW winds. Protected corners have good solid rideable waves.

Friday 29th: 2-4 feet moderate WSW winds.

Saturday 30th Sunday 31st: 2-6 feet with moderate on-shore winds.

Wave Report

Wind Report

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August 2005

Monday 1st: 4-6 feet + waves, strong on-shore winds. Some places such as Kalim and Kamala had rideable waves today.

Tuesday 2nd: The morning had waves 4-6 feet winds easing throughout the day, in the afternoon things had settled down to 2-4+ feet with smoother conditions.

Wednesday 3rd: 2-4 + waves, strong WSW winds making conditions bumpy.

Thursday 4th: Waves 3-5 feet with ocassional bigger sets. Strong on-shore winds. North Kamala and a few protected corners are the only surfable breaks.

Friday 5th, Saturday 6th: Waves 2-4 + feet. On-shore winds, look for protected corners.

Sunday 7th: 2-4 feet waves with strong WSW winds. Protected corners are best.

Monday 8th: not interesting, the same as yesterday!

Tuesday 9th: strong winds continue with 2-4 + feet waves.

Wednesday 10th Thursday 11th Friday 12th: The strong on-shore winds have been blowing for 3 weeks without stopping. The swell has remained a consistent 3-5 feet. Surfers in Phuket have now found their favourite protected corners and are waiting out the monsoon winds.

Saturday 13th: The winds have dropped today and the swell is a very solid 4-6 + feet. Most beaches have surfable waves.

Sunday 14th: Moderate WSW winds with a solid 4-6 feet swell.

Monday 15th: No wind very smooth and glassy 2-4 feet waves on all beaches.

Tuesday 16th: 2-3 feet waves on most beaches with little or no wind making conditions very smooth and glassy.

Wednesday 17th: Waves are a small 1-3 feet with smooth conditions small surfable waves on most beaches.

Thursday 18th: waves are 1-2 + feet light winds with nice small surfable waves on most beaches.

Friday 19th: Small 2-3 feet surfable waves on open beaches very smooth conditions.

Kamala Surfing Contest - Saturday 20th: Small surfable waves, winds increasing in the afternoon. Kamala surfing contest got off to a great start with some nice surfing in all divisions.

Sunday 21st: Extremely small waves. The Kamala surf contest did not start until 2.30pm, but everyone had lots of fun while they were waiting. The open division has been postponed waiting for better waves.

Monday 22nd: Waves are very very small, nothing surfable today except for first time beginners.

Tuesday 23rd: Same as yesterday, only good for first time learn to surfers.

Wednesday 24th Thursday 25th: no waves today, very small good for beginners.

Friday 26th: Waves 1 foot with no wind.

Saturday 27th: Started with 1 foot waves increasing slightly in the afternoon

Sunday 28th: Small surfable waves around 2 feet. Light winds making conditions very smooth in the morning.

Monday 29th: Waves very very small with light to moderate on-shore winds. Stay in bed today.

Tuesday 30th: The waves today were small and just rideable on open beaches. Wave and swell reports show that the swell may increase for the next few days.

Wednesday 31st Waves 2 feet with smooth conditions open beaches such as Karon, Surin and Nai Yang have surfable waves.

Wave Report

Wind Report

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September 2005

Thursday 1st: Waves 2 feet with smooth conditions open beaches such as Karon, Surin and Nai Yang have surfable waves.

Friday 2nd: Perfect conditions with light off-shore winds waves up to 4 feet and excellent, a classic surfing in Phuket day!

Saturday 3rd: Small, but very surfable waves on all beaches, slight cross shore winds.

Sunday 4th: Small swell with moderate to strong on-shore winds there are waves to be surfed, but not very smooth or even.

Monday 5th: Nice 2-4 feet waves today, in the morning variable winds tending off-shore at times. The winds picked up through the day and late afternoon dropped with all beaches having clean surfable waves.


Tuesday 6th: Another perfect day, off-shore winds waves up to 5 feet +. All beaches had great surfing waves.

Wednesday 7th: The nice surfing waves continue today with off-shore conditions and nice size surfable waves on all beaches in Phuket.


Thursday 8th: Smooth surfing conditions continue in Phuket. 2-4 feet with occassional bigger waves, all beaches in Phuket have surfable waves.

Friday 9th: Smooth conditions 2-4 feet. Waves waves everywhere.

Saturday 10th: No wind and glssy today. Waves small but surfable especially on open beaches.

Sunday 11th: Small and smooth waves of 2-3 feet.

Monday 12th: Winds from the north early in the morning blowing out the very small waves.

Tuesday 13th: Waves small 1-2 feet moderate North/West winds making conditions not the best.

Wednesday 14th: 2-3 feet strong on-shore winds and rain showers, a good day for indoor activities e.g. watching TV!

Thursday 15th: Rising swell waves 2-4 +feet, strong on-shore winds making surfing conditions messy.

Friday 16th: 3-5 feet strong on-shore winds.

Saturday 17th: 4-6 feet strong on-shore winds.

Sunday 18th: Strong winds and heavy rain with a swell of 6 feet +

Monday 19th: Stormy conditions and big swell continues.

Tuesday 20th: Big, off-shore and perfect today. 6-8 feet faces with a light back spray. The only problem today was where to go surfing!

Wednesday 21st: 4-6 + feet, clean-up sets, light variable winds throughout the day.


Thursday 22nd: 2-5 feet occasional bigger set with light variable winds, nice surfing waves on all Phuket beaches.

Friday 23rd Saturday 24th: 2-4 feet with occasional bigger sets, light variable winds.

Sunday 25th: Strong on-shore winds, very small swell, frequent wind squalls and showers.


Monday 26th: Protected northern corners have the best surfing waves.

Tuesday 27th: 2-3 feet waves with strong WNW winds frequent rain showers.

Wednesday 28th: Very light variable winds and a 2-4 feet swell making a nice day for surfing with surfable waves on all beaches.

Thursday 29th: Small but very smooth..2-3 feet surfable waves on most beaches.

Friday 30th: Very small waves with light winds. Waves are only suitable for people learning to surf today.


Wave Report

Wind Report

Saltwater Dreaming Girl 2000 - 200? thai woman


Saturday 1st Sunday 2nd: Waves very small, but smooth. Only suitable for people learning to surf.

Monday 3rd: Small 1-2 feet waves with strong on-shore winds and frequent rain storms.

Tuesday 4th: Small 1-3 feet waves with onshore winds.

Wednesday 5th: 1-3 feet waves winds onshore easing in the early morning and afternoon.

Thursday 6th: Very small waves 1-3 feet with occassional thunder storms.

Friday 7th, Saturday 8th, Sunday 9th: Beginner waves in the morning on the low tide, in the afternoon lake Andaman!

Monday 10th: Small, but perfect conditions today. Waves 2-3 feet with light off-shore winds on open beaches.

Tuesday 11th: Getting smaller! Waves 1-3 feet with light off-shore winds on open beaches.

Wednesday 12th Thursday 13th Friday 14th: very very small waves with smooth and glassy conditions. Some surfable peaks on open beaches.

Saturday 15th: No waves .5 - 1 foot.

Sunday 16th: Flat and smooth today.

Monday 17th Tuesday 18th Wednesday 19th: No waves in Phuket today.

Sunday 31st we saw some of the last waves of the season the best waves were at Surin Beach off the southern headland from midday to late afternoon, smooth and nice shape.

surfing pic phuket thailand


Thursday 3rd- Sunday 6th: Small clean waves 1-4 feet on most beaches, light winds sometimes off-shore.

Monday 7th: Clean glassy waves of 1-4 feet on most beaches, light off-shore winds.

Tuesday 8th: Very very small waves, with no wind.

Saturday 19th: the waves are now not big enough for surfing it looks like this could be the end of the season. Friday 18th: small smooth rideable waves at Kata Yai offshoe winds in the morning turning onshore in the afternoon.

Over the last week 12th to 17th there have been reports of rideable smooth but small waves on some beaches, including Nai Harn, Kata Yai, Karon and Relax Bay.  
April 2006


12th - 14ththere were small waves in Phuket around 2 feet, some more open beaches with shallow sand banks were a little bigger, light offshore winds. The first waves of the season saw many people scrambling for their boards to get back in the water. Songkran usually marks the beginning of the surf season and this year everything is on time!

16th - 19th The small swell that was here is gone, back to smooth seas, great for sailing.

20th - 24th Very small waves on some beaches and reefs, open beaches with sand banks have small surfable waves

29th - 30th The surf is starting to drop. 2-4 feet on mid to low tide, winds tending SW making conditions bumpy.

" 28th The wave size has dropped a little with 3-5 feet waves on most beaches. Winds continue from SSE

26th -27th Waves are 4- 6 feet bigger on open beaches light SSE winds, most places are working with very ridable waves and a solid swell.

25th The waves are finally here! In the morning on the high tide the swell wasn't good, but as the tide dropped the waves increased to 3-5 feet light variable winds. Late afternoon a tropical storm blew the surf out, but should be good waves again tomorrow on an increasing swell.

26th - 30th no waves


1st - 4th There were very very small waves under 1 foot, with onshore winds. There are no surfable waves at the moment.

5th - 10th after a big storm overnight there are small waves 1-2 feet on open beaches, slight winds. Best on mid to low tide.

11th - 12th reports of small clean waves on some beaches have been reported 2-3 feet. good time to explore more out of the way open beaches.

13th - 15th very small waves .5 - 1 foot thunderstorms and rain at times, reports show a new swell could be on the way from the north.

16th - 17th Waves increasing to 1-3 feet today moderate gusty onshore winds.

18th Waves are now 5-6 feet bigger on open beaches, Strong onshore winds and rain storms making conditions messy.

19th Waves 2-4 feet bigger on open beaches slight to moderate onshore winds making the surface a little bumpy, but good waves on many beaches. Swell expected to increase for Saturday and Sunday.

20th - 22nd For the past few days waves are 6 + feet, moderate to strong onshore winds making conditions messy. Most beaches unrideable.

23rd Waves have dropped a little 2-5 feet with occasional bigger sets. Onshore winds and rain continue.

24th The surf was 2-4 feet, bigger on some beaches. The winds dropped at times throughout the day leaving smooth and sometimes glassy conditions.

25th - 28th the last fews days had small waves with light to moderate onshore winds.

29th Waves 1-2 feet light variable winds, great conditions for beginners today.

30th-31st very small waves 1-2 feet smooth conditions with light variable winds.

surfing waves 2006


1st-2nd very small waves really not big enough to surf. Looks like a small swell is headed towards Phuket around Sunday.

3rd-5th Small waves just big enough to surf at Surin Beach, very little action anywhere else on the island. no winds to light variable.

6th Waves are 3-5 feet on open beaches very light variable winds.

7th - 12th Waves have dropped again about 1-2 feet occasional bigger set. Light variable winds, tending onshore in the afternoon

13th-14th Waves continue to be small around 1-2 feet, most of the swell in the Bay of Bengal is reaching further north from Khao Lak up to Burma.

15th-17th Waves continue at 1-2 feet. light variable winds.

18th onshore winds, 1-2 feet swell, frequent showers, but no crowds 🙂

19th the swell is on the rise. waves of 3-5 feet on most beaches in Phuket strong WNW winds and rain squalls making conditions messy, tomorrow looks like the swell may increase.

20th Waves continue at 3-5 feet conditions bumpy on open beaches, winds WNW

21st Waves 3-6 feet and solid nice waves at Kalim today. Strong winds and rain making conditions bumpy on open beaches.

22nd Perfect conditions and waves today..2-6 feet light offshore in the morning. Afternoon light variable winds.

23rd Great waves and conditions continue, slight on-shore winds in the afternoon.

24th Rain storms and strong on-shore winds, waves 3-5 feet.

25th 2-3 hour window in the middle of the day gave glassy 3-5 feet waves with light off-shore winds. The rest of the day rain storms.

26th Waves 3-4 feet bigger on open beaches, winds slight and variable smooth conditions throughout the day.

27th Waves 2-3 feet light variable winds open beaches had bigger waves.

28th-30th Waves 2-4 feet with occasional bigger sets, wind light variable, nice rideable waves on most beaches.

surfing kalim beach phuket


1st Small rideable and smooth waves on most beaches 2nd small and windy, good day to stay at home.

3rd The waves have increased in size with the strong onshore winds, waves 3-5 feet, bumpy, but rideable.

4th Today winds are easing, slight to moderate onshore , light to no winds late in the afternoon. Waves 3-6 feet.

5th Waves decreasing, 1-3 feet in the afternoon with light to moderate westerly winds.

6th - 9th Waves 2-4 feet with moderate onshore winds, protected corners are best.

10 - 11th Thw swell is rising with the strong onshore winds. 2-5 feet messy with only a few protected breaks surfable.

12th - 13th For the last 2 days there has been strong onshore winds and rainstorms, the waves are 3-5 feet most beaches are unsurfable.

14th - 16th Very strong onshore winds with a building swell, let's wait and see.

17th Moderate SWS winds in the morning easing throughout the day, in the afternoon the winds dropped revealing nice 4-6 feet waves.

18th Strong winds in the morning easing to moderate in the afternoon, surfable, but messy 4-6 feet waves.

19th Morning no wind with an uneven swell, but surfable waves on most beaches, in the afternoon light onshore making conditions bumpy, 3-4 feet.

20th - 24th light to moderate onshore winds small 2-3 feet swell, small messy waves.

25th Small 2-4 feet light onshore winds

26th - 29th 2-4 feet no wind in the morning with smooth conditions, light onshore in the afternoon

30th conditions haven't changed except for the rain 🙁 Surfable waves in protected corners.

31st nice small and smooth waves 2-3 feet, no wind.


1st small 2-3 feet waves in the morning and late afternoon. The middle of the day had rain and variable winds.

2nd small 2 feet waves today

3rd started very small in the morning picking up to 2-4 feet in the afternoon.

4th slight variable winds with a nice solid 2-4 feet swell, bigger on open beaches

5th Waves glassy 2-3 feet bigger at times, Kalim surf contest saw great waves and some great surfing!!

6th light WNW winds making conditions a bit messy, waves 2-4 feet.

8th - 10th Strong on-shore winds and a solid swell of 6 feet +

11th - 14th The surfing conditions haven't changed much over the past few days with strong on shore wind and waves from 4-6 feet.

15th the wind and rain have increased, so has the swell with 6-8 feet waves on open beaches

16th Winds easing to slight onshore 6 feet plus waves with clean faces. Strong storms hit the coast at times throughout the day

17th waves 4-5 feet with slight to no winds. Nice rideable waves on all beaches.

18th waves small 2-4 feet with strong winds and rainstorms.

19th waves 3-5 feet light variable winds getting stronger in the afternoon

20th - 21st Sorry we had a holiday!! 🙂

22nd - 24th Lake Andaman is back! Very small waves and smooth seas, perfect for learning to surf.

25th - 26th small waves wind slight winds, storms at times.

27th - 28th Small 2 sometimes 3 feet waves variable slight winds with rain storms at times.

29th - 31st waves from 2-4 feet bigger on some beaches. Rain and wind storms throughout the day, but late in the afternoon especially on the 31st the wind dropped and there were very clean rideable waves.


1st - 2nd Small but very smooth waves 2-3 feet.

3 - 4th Waves very very small, with slight conditions. Waves not really big enough for surfing but beautiful blue skies make it perfect for hanging out at the beach.

8th Waves small 2 feet onshore winds and rain.

9th Waves 3-6 feet clean in the morning with picking up through the day, good surfable waves on most beaches

10th - 11th Waves small around 2-3 feet smooth conditions throughout the day with winds picking up onshore in the afternoon

12th - 13th waves very very small, most beaches not big enough for surfing. Rain in the evenings

14th Increasing swell, today waves 2-3 feet in the morning increasing to 3-5 feet in the afternoon, winds moderate making surfing conditions bumpy.

15th Strong onshore winds and a swell 4-5 feet.

16th Light variable winds waves 4-6 feet, bigger on open beaches, nice waves throughout the day.

17th - 19th Waves small, but surfable beach breaks on open beaches. Winds slight giving smooth conditions, best on the rising tides.

21st - 22nd Waves a little smaller, but the slight conditions and sunny skies remain. Surfable waves still exist on more open beaches.

23rd cloudy day, with no waves 🙁

24th - 25th Cloudy and rain 2 feet waves some bigger sets on open beaches.

26th - 27th Strong on-shore winds and rain, on a rising swell

28th Slight winds and a swell of 3-5 feet bigger on some beaches, nice surfing waves today

29th Winds slight to moderate and variable with waves 2-4 feet. Strong wind and rain in the afternoon.

surfing picture kamala beach


30th - 3rd waves 4 - 6 feet +, strong winds and rain. Surfable waves in protected corners. Looks like more of the same tomorrow.

5th - 6th winds slight WNW surfable 2-5 feet waves on most beaches.

7th - 8th Waves 3-6 feet on open beaches, winds slight and smooth conditions, excellent 2 days at the beach!

9th Waves smaller today 3-4 feet, with smooth and sunny conditions

10th - 13th Waves small but surfable, rain and wind storms around the island.

14th - 16th waves very very small to flat. Sunny weather with some evening rain storms.

17th - 19th Lake Andaman is back!! no waves, winds and evening rain storms coming from the east signal the end of the surf season for this year.

20th - 30th no waves, great for diving and snorkeling.

19th - 25th November: very very small waves on many beaches with totally perfect conditions, some beaches in Phuket and north have rideable waves, ask the locals where to go, when you are here!!

3rd December: reports of small rideable waves on some beaches.

5th December: there are no surfable waves in phuket

16th December: On the right tide there are small surfable waves on some beaches

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