Surf Archive for 2009-2010

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15th - 3rd nice waves on most beaches everyday during this period 3-6 feet waves

13 and 14th: waves dropped to 2-3 feet clean in the morning

12th: The longest period of big swell for a long time in Phuket now nearly 2 weeks of 25 knot winds and 10 feet waves.


4th Waves dropped today and light moderate on-shore winds

5th-15th The waves in Phuket have been up and down over the past 10 days with swells from knee high to double overhead. Strong onshore winds continue.

24th The surf has been flat for the last 3 days, but there is more swell on the way!!


25th - 5th Big waves today and strong on-shore winds, see the pic below. 12th-14th Small, but clean waves today slight on-shore winds in the afternoon

15th-16th - 21st Very small but smooth conditions, great waves for beginners and longboards, if you look around there are surfable waves in hard to find locations 🙂

21st - 26th Very small waves continue with light on-shore winds, best surfing on protected beaches for longboards and learners.

26th - 2nd Flat in Phuket!


26th - 2nd Flat in Phuket!

12th - 16th A few small fun waves around on low to rising tide.

16th - 21st No waves in Phuket

22nd Small fun waves today-see pic below

23rd - 24th No waves in Phuket

24th - 5th Small waves around on low to rising tide on open beaches

Phuket Surf Report Archive for 2010


There are no waves in Phuket - But there is a change in the air, variable winds yesterday and today, scattered clouds and light rain showers early morning.

8th March- small waves on low to mid tide in southern, northern facing corners....... 24th March- for the past 10 days there have been no waves in Phuket.

31st March- A few small waves around on some beaches, try Nai Thon, Kata and Karon


3rd April- no waves at the moment

10-11th April- small waves around on some beaches.

13-14th April - the small waves continue on some beaches, still waiting for the real swells to hit.

18th April- Head high and bigger waves, clean fast and glassy... thats all I will say for the mornin's session, Monday should see more of this.

19th-20th April -Head high and bigger waves, smooth with off-shore winds in the morning with light variable winds in the afternoon. A great day to be in Phuket surfing!!

21st-22nd April- Waves smaller, but conditions smooth, waves are best on low to mid tide.

23rd April-Waves very small, but smooth. Good for beginners. Pakarang point at Khao Lak reports good waves everyday this week. Small waves at Nai Yang reef also.

24-30th April - Flat, flat, flat


7th May- Still flat, but looks like a small swell on the way for the weekend and next week.

10-12th May-Small waves came today, best mid to low tide on shallow sand banks and reefs.

13th-15th May Up to head high waves on some beaches. Low tide deep sand banks and high tide on shallow sand banks.

16th - 17th May: Nice head high and bigger waves on most beaches, smooth with light off-shore to variable winds.

26th May - Strong winds and small waves best on low tide.

27th-29th May- Swell getting bigger solid head high waves best in the afternoon when the winds ease a little.

30-31 May- Small clean and fun waves on all beaches early morning and late afternoon.

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5 June- On-shore winds at times with solid head high and bigger waves

8 - 11 June- Big waves, double overhead and strong winds continue.

12 - 13 June- Nice clean head high to double overhead waves. Light off-shore winds, perfect conditions and great surfing waves.

14 - 15th June- Swell has dropped with small waves but very smooth conditions. Nice fun waves mid to low tide.

16 - 17 June- small swell continues with strong wind at times. Surfable waves on low tide.

18-21 June- Very small waves on low tide in the morning. Moderate winds making conditions choppy.

24th - 27 June Wave beautiful head high and bigger, light variable winds.


28 June - 2nd July-Raining and on-shore winds, surfable in protected corners only. 3rd - 4th July- Nice clean waves in the morning, look for protected corners in the afternoon winds light to moderate.

5th - 6th July- Small clean and fun waves, off-shore winds in the morning.

7th-14th July- Very small waves, good for beginners

15th - 17th- Waves increasing with stronger on-shore winds. Rideable waves in protected corners.

18-22nd- Winds eased, nice waves 3-5 feet, bigger on open beaches. Best in the morning before the winds.

23rd- Waves increasing with moderate wsw winds.

24th-27th- Big waves and strong on-shore winds. Many beaches un-surfable, look for protected corners.

28th- Beautiful morning, no wind, head high and bigger waves

29th- Overcast but variable winds and waves 4-6 feet


30-1st- Small 2-4 feet, with clean conditions.

2nd- Stormy day in the morning, overcast and clean glassy waves in the afternoon. 3rd-4th- Blue skies, small clean waves on all beaches.

5th-10th- Winds and swell increasing, up to 8ft on open beaches. Best in protected corners, try South Bang Tao, South Kata Yai and Kamala Beaches

11th- Great conditions in the morning deteriorating through the day wind rain squalls

12th-13th- A great day for surfing in Phuket, head high waves and slight to no wind 14th-smooth and glassy with head high waves in the morning, strong winds and rain squalls in the afternoon

15th- light winds and a small but fun swell- very nice surf today

16th -18th Light winds in the morning with rain squalls in the afternoon. Small but surfable waves on all beaches.

19th- small but glassy waves all day 🙂

20th-rain, wind small waves

21st-22nd-nice glassy offshore conditions in the morning, rain storms afternoon. 23rd- rain storms morning with no winds and glassy conditions in the afternoon, waves increasing 3-5 feet.

24th- Smooth conditions all day. off-shore winds in the afternoon, head high waves on open beaches.

25th-28th In general light winds off-shore at time with head-high and bigger waves on open beaches.

29th-31st Small waves smooth conditions at time with rain squalls.

Surfing Thailand


4-8th Waves head high and bigger on open beaches, strong onshore winds with rain squalls- periods of no wind at times

9-27th -Small waves waist to head high with light conditions. Great surfing waves this month!


October -The first week of October had great waves head high and bigger on open beaches, off-shore winds.

9th - 21st strong onshore winds and thunderstorms making conditions messy.

22-23rd- Conditions starting to settle, light to moderate SW winds, protected corners are best. waves 3-5 feet.

24th-27th- Wave size is dropping to 2-4 feet. South west to north west winds continue.

28th-29th- Small but clean waves. 2-4 feet on open beaches.

30th-1st- No waves.

November - December

5th-12th- Epic waves headhigh and bigger, clean with off-shore winds.

16th - very small to no waves in Phuket

17th-24th no waves in Phuket

25th-5th-small waves on mid to low tide-great learning to surf waves

6th-9th-Small waist to head high waves on a falling tide, offshore winds

14th -25th small waves on open beaches

Surfing Phuket

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