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Useful Phrases

Krap and ka are polite to put at the end of a sentence - Krap for men.....Ka for women

Me or I is... Pom for men......Chan for women

Small Talk

Hello, how are you? sawadee krup (ka) sabai dee mai?

I'm very well thank you Sabai dee krup (ka) korp koon krup (ka)

Pleased to meet you. Dee jai tee dai pop khun

My name is ...... (pom) (chaan) chue........

Can you help me? Choo-ay (pom) (chaan) noi dai mai krap/ka

Can I have... kor

I would like? ao

Is there.....here? tee-nee mee......mai?

That's right Took laew krap/ka

Good bye. La gorn na

See you again. Laew pop gun mai

Good luck. Kor hai chok dee

I can't speak Thai poot pa-saa thai mai ben,(or) poot pa-saa thai mai dai

Do you speak English pood pa-saa ung-grit ben mai?

I don't understand mai khao jai

Please speak more slowly Phrohd poot cha-cha

I don't know mai saap (mai rue)

Do you understand? Khao jai mai?

Please write it down for me Choo-ay Kee-un Hai Noi

What is this? Nee a-rai?

It doesn't matter, never mind mai ben rai

Not interesting mai sorn-jai

What time is it? khee morng laew

Be careful Rawung

Sorry Kor-Tort krap/ka

I'm really sorry Chan (Pom) Seua Jai Jing Jing krap/ka

Darling Teerak/Tirak

I love you Chan raak ter


Could I have a cup of coffee, please? Kor Gah-Fay Tuay Neung?

May I have some more milk? Kor Nom Perm Dai Mai

I can't eat spicy food Chan (Pom) Taan Pet mai dai

Can I have a table for two, please Kor doh Sum Rub Song Khon

I didn't order this Chan (Pom) Mai Dai Sung

Bill please. Check Bin

Collect the money please Gep ngern or Gep taang


Do you have anything cheaper? Took Gwah Nee Mee Mai?

Does it come in other colours? Mee See Eun Eak Mai?

Do you have any more of these? Bap Nee Mee Eak Mai?

Could you wrap it for me? Chuay Hor Hai Noi Dai Mai?

Can I have a receipt? Kor Bai Set Rup Ngern?

How much does it cost? Rah-kah or tao-rai?

Very expensive. Paeng maak

Could you lower the price a little? Lot Rah Kah Noi Dai Mai?

Very cheap. Took maak

What is the exchange rate for the pound? Ut Tra Lak Plean Ngern Pound Tao Rai?

Can I try it on? Kor Long Sai Dai Mai?

Where do I pay? Jai Ngern Tee Nai

That's a bit expensive Pang Pai Noi

Where can I buy....? Seu ..... dai tee nai?

I'll come back later Deao Ja Kup Maa Mai

Do you take credit card? Tee nee rup but kray-dit mai?

Around the Town

Where is the nearest letter box? Too Jot Mai Taew tee nai?

Where can I post a letter? Song Jot Mai Dai Tee Nai?

I want to go to Lamai? Pom (Chan) Ja bai Lamai

Where can I park? Pom (Chan) Jot Rot Dai Tee Nai?

I want to go ……. Yaak ja bai …..

Where is ……. (noun)? ……. Yuu nai?

Where is the toilet? (place)? Horng Naahm Yuu tee nai?

come to see maa haa

go to see bai haa

May I take a photograph? Tai ruup dai mai?


Do you take credit cards? Tee Nee Rub But kray-dit Mai?

I'd like a room with air-conditioning Ao horng dtit air

How much for one night? Kah Horng wun la tao rai?

Can I see the room first? Kor doo horng gorn dai mai krap/ka?

Would you have my luggage brought up? Chuay Yok Kra-Pao Maa Hai Noi Dai Mai?

Can I have a bottle of drinking water? Kor Naam Plao Kooart Neung Dai Mai?

I'll be back at ......o'clock? Pom/Chan ja gup way-lah ...... morng ?

I'm leaving tomorrow? Pom (Chan) Ja Bai Proong Nee

Where can I buy shoes? Pom (Chan) Seu Rong-Tao Dai Tee Nai?

Phone Calls

May I use the telephone? Kor chai torasup dai mai?

I would like to speak to Mr. John Kor Poot kup Khun John Dai Mai (krab/kha)?

My number is... Ber Torasup Khong Chan (Pom) Kue .......

When will he be back? Kao Ja kup Maa Meu-arai

Who's speaking? Krai Poot

I'll ring back later Deao Ja Toh Maa Mai


One Nueng

Two Song

Three Saam

Four See

Five Haa

Six Hok

Seven Jed

Eight Paird

Nine Gow

Ten Sip

Eleven Sip et

Twelve Sip song

One hundred Nueng roi

One thousand Nueng pan

Ten thousand Nueng moon


Sunday wan a-tid

Monday wan jaan

Tuesday wan ung karn

Wednesday wan put

Thursday wan pha ru had

Friday wan sook

Saturday wan sao


January Mak ka ra khom

February Kum paa phun

March Mee na kom

April Mae sa yon

May Pruet sa paa khom

June Mi thu na yon

July Ka rak ka da khom

August sing ha khom

September kan ya yon

October tu la khom

November pruet sa ji ka yon

December thun wa khom

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