The basic meaning of the following is that Saltwater Dreaming does not take advantage of our visitors, and we expect that our visitors will not take advantage of Saltwater Dreaming.


Saltwater Dreaming allows people to participate in the website by uploading digital images or posting comments.

Any images uploaded by a user remain the property of that user or whatever party holds the copyright. By uploading images, a user does not surrender his/her copyright or ownership of the images. But because you uploaded your images on Saltwater Dreaming you also allow Saltwater Dreaming to use your pics on our website.

Acceptable content

Upload your own images. Do not upload images you take from other web sites. Those are copyrighted. Do not upload pornography. It is copyrighted. Keep it on your own hard drive.

Saltwater Dreaming reserves the right to remove or categorize images in any way it sees fit. If a user uploads something of questionable legality or taste, it may be removed without notice. Users agree to accept all liability for the legality of content they submit and will not hold Saltwater Dreaming responsible for any damages that result.

We trust that our users have integrity and will not use images from someone else. If you feel an image has been posted without permission please contact Saltwater Dreaming and the image will be removed.

Other stuff

Any manufacturers logos that appear on the site are as a representation only and do not infer any connection, affiliation or trading relationship with the companies concerned

Any text, or photos on this website, which you feel are infringing on copyright laws, please let us know and we will happily remove them from our web site

Now for the Serious Stuff!!

please don't take anything from our website unless you ask first, or at least link back to us....There are a whole lot of laws and regulations out there that say you shouldn't take things without asking....I just can't remember the exact laws at the moment, but they get really serious....

If we could afford a lawyer then we would get him to write this disclaimer and it would be much more scary....but we can't....so don't take anything....surfing is cool...taking stuff from other people is not.....girls in bikinis are cool too....and all people want to do to them is give them something.....so please think of this website as a beach girl in a bikini and don't take take anything just give until it hurts....

disclaimers are really difficult to write...if my family had money I could have gone to law school and then I would be able to write a really good disclaimer with lots of therefores and withstandings....just don't take stuff unless you ask first, or link back to us....

if you really want to take something....at least give us credit for it with a link back to our website please use the link below....

Surfing Asia: Saltwater Dreaming

Chill Out Dudes 🙂

Lastly.... We do not have Thai and Foreigner prices in our shops. Thai and Foreigners pay the same price. If you want a better deal, buy more than one.

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