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Surfboard Repairs - Fixing Broken Surfboards

Fiberglass Ding Repair Fiberglass Ding Repair (Paperback) by Franklin Pierce "Lack of time and know-how generally keep many of us from doing repairs on our surfboards"

pro surfboard repair secrets

Pro Surfboard Repair Secrets Revealed: The Ultimate Surfboard Repair DVD for Surfers Featuring Australian Composite Technician Bart Watkins Licensed Australian Composite Technician and ding repair expert Bart Watkins exposes trade secrets to achieving invisible ding repairs in this all-revealing DVD!

Ding Repair ScripturesDing Repair Scriptures

An excellent book that guides you through all stages of ding repair. Everything is broken down into step by step format, pages of detailed illustrations. You get the 'Answers to All' for less than the cost of having just one small ding repaired professionally.

The Ding Repair Scriptures: The Complete Guide to Surfboard Repair The Ding Repair Scriptures: The Complete Guide to Surfboard Repair This book is the Bible of surfboard repair. It is well written and easy to understand. Its step-by-step cross referenced format details all aspects of surfboard repair. So next time you undergo a minor catastrophe with your stick, fear not. Armed with this book and a few dollars worth of materials, you will be back in the water in no time at all.

sun cure surfboard repair kit Sun Cure Surfboard Repair Kit

A faster method for repairing all types of surfboards, especially epoxy. Sun Cure® Fiberfill Epoxy is used straight from the tube, no mixing or adding cloth needed. This proven formula is very UV stable and provides a permanent repair. Kit contains 1oz. SC Epoxy Fiberfilled resin, 2 grit sandpad, applicators, coversheets, instructions. Makes repairing your epoxy surfboard easy!

Spray Painting Surfboards - Surfboard Design with Paint Pens

Totally Recommended!! paint pen techniques

For over 20 years, Drew Brophy has been perfecting painting with water-based paint pens. As the world's top surfboard artist, Drew has taught thousands of people how to paint with his techniques. Drew shows, step-by-step, how anyone can paint using his techniques. In his easy to follow style, Drew covers creating unique compositions, preparing the surface, blending colors, finishing details, and how to seal your work. He demonstrates on surfboards, a skateboard and a pair of canvas shoes. Special bonus features include fun clips of Drew painting a guitar and a helmet.

Montana surfboard spray paint Montana Acrylic Spray Paint
Many great colours to choose from!! Click the photo to see the full colour range highly pigmented spray paint with a quick dry time and superior opacity. The weatherproof, durable matt finish, has a guaranteed light-fastness of over 10 years. Perfect for surfboards

custom graphic designs for your surfboard

This overview of the best artists in this subculture includes work from California, the Midwest, the East Coast, Mexico, Japan, the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, France, and Germany. This roundup of Ed Roth and Von Dutch-influenced artists presents a mass of work impossible to beat for sheer visual inventiveness, vibe, and color. Fantastic design ideas for surfboard spray painting designs. Author Julian Balme is a writer and art director for numerous Kustom Kulture magazines, creator of the famous London Calling cover for The Clash, a passionate racer of hot rods, and one of the foremost commentators on Kustom Kulture and Kustom Graphics.

Krylon UV-Resistant Acrylic Coating AerosolKrylon UV-Resistant Acrylic Coating Aerosol
Provides a permanent, protective gloss coating that will not yellow with age. Moisture-resistant and smudge-proof. Improves artwork and photo contrast.

Sharpie Water-Based Fine Point Paint MarkersSharpie Water-Based Fine Point Paint Markers, 5 Colored Markers Sharpie Water-Based Fine Point Paint Markers
Paint pigments are fade- and water-resistant. Medium-point tip is for a variety of projects. The water-based, quick-drying ink will not bleed through paper and is acid-free for archival uses. AP certified non-toxic. Contains 5 markers. 0.9 inches long by 4.75 inches wide by 7.625 inches high.

Drew Brophy How to DrawDrew Brophy How to Draw

Inspire your imagination and step into surf artist Drew Brophy’s dream world, where the sun has an attitude, drops of ocean spray run away from grumpy fish, and each wave bends into a perfect tube. Drew’s creations spring forth from a surreal dimension. And now fans of his vibrant artwork can follow along as Drew guides readers on an incredible artistic journey to the depths of the sea and back. Colorfully illustrated and written with Drew’s own brand of wit and humor, Learn to Draw with Drew Brophy is one drawing book aspiring artists won’t want to miss! Mahalo!

Montana Gold Set of 18 Spray Nozzles Montana Gold Set of 18 Spray Nozzles
Montana Gold caps can be interchanged to get the right spray width for your artwork. This 18 cap set comes with- Black/White Standard O cap-for .4 inch scruffy edged lines, a Skinny Black/Black cap-lines .4-.6 inches, a Skinny White/Beige cap-good for details, a Fat White/Orange cap-lines from 3-4 inches, a Fat White/Pink cap-lines from 4-5 inches, a White/Gray Ma'Claim cap-lines as thin as .5 inches for fading, a White/Black extended tip Calligraphy cap-lines from .5-3 inches, a White NYC Fat cap-lines 1.5-2.4 inches, a Gray Outliner cap- lines .75-1.5 inches, a Red Needle cap- lines .2-.5 inches, a Black Flatjet Medium cap- adjustable nozzle ideal for crackle/primers, a Red Flatjet Wide cap- adjustable nozzle ideal for effects sprays, and all 6 Green level caps-from ultra skinny to ultra fat spray.

The Future of Graffiti The Future of Graffiti DVD Painting Techniques (Eaz, Ces, Cope, Zephyr, T-Kid) Produced by influential graffiti style king EazOne, under his movie company EazOne Productions, The Future of Graffiti is the ultimate graffiti how-to DVD! This DVD is excellent for beginners or those who want to add a little extra to their style. It covers many essential aspects of graffiti such as sketching, lettering, wall preparation, shading, caps, can handling, productions and characters.

Uni-posca PC-5M Paint Marker Pen - Medium Point - Set of 15 Uni-posca PC-5M Paint Marker Pen - Medium Point - Set of 15 Color is good, 15 color set of markers with no show-through or bleeding! It is a marker to color vividly as [good] and poster color! - Since it has excellent water resistance, it does not flow in water and dry. Because it is water-based, it is not able to affect the material, there is no unpleasant smell. You can be overwritten to be dry. There is no bleed-through or bleeding. Because opaque ink, you can write to the metal / glass / plastic. It is a set of 15 colors in the character type.

Graffiti art for your surfboard Check this Graffiti art book if you are running out of ideas on spray paint designsOnce viewed as merely a blemish on the urban landscape, graffiti today has evolved into a legitimate art form in its own right, influencing entertainment, advertising, fashion and other creative industries worldwide.Complete with a glossary and a timeline tracing graffiti history, Graff is the bible for street artists looking to elevate their work, graphic designers wanting to expand their vocabulary, and anyone interested in giving their work an edgy, urban look.

Uni-posca PC-3M Paint Marker Pen - Fine Point - Set of 15 Uni-posca PC-3M Paint Marker Pen - Fine Point - Set of 15 5.7cm thick length 14.6cm x 7.9cm x side

How to Draw Steampunk How to Draw Steampunk:
Discover the secrets to drawing, painting, and illustrating the curious world of science fiction in the Victorian Age (Fantasy Underground)

Uni-posca PC-1M Paint Marker Pen - Extra Fine Point - Set of 12 Uni-posca PC-1M Paint Marker Pen - Extra Fine Point - Set of 12 (Purple, peach, red, orange, yellow, yellow-green, green, light blue, blue, brown, white, black) 12 color: color Body size (about): 15.3 x 18.5 x shaft diameter total length 122.0mm thickness (per), line width 0.7mm

poster art for your surfboard
Poster Girl

There's no more popular subject for surfboard spray jobs than the ubiquitous poster girl. In this second pint-sized spin-off of the mammoth Art of Modern Rock, poster expert Dennis King rounds up the hottest chicks of the genre, be they rock-and-roll vixens, indie beauties, alien seductresses, or punk rock babes. With classic art from the original volume plus loads of new material all focused on the strong and sexy female icons of the poster world rock fans, art and design aficionados, poster collectors, and surfboard spray designers will be hard-pressed to resist these dangerous curves.

Painters Masking Tape Painters Masking Tape
Scotch Masking Tape for production painting

Multi-use green painters Tape 3-PackPainters Masking Tapemasking tape,home repair tools,masking tapes,0.71-Inch by 54.6 Yards 50001A Multi-use green painters Tape 3-Pack Well work on rough or smooth surface as long as they are dry & clean Great for kinds of painting, masking, trimming and protective applications For interior and exterior use

All Montana Spray Paints
From the leader in spray paint quality and originator of spray made specifically for art. Montana aka MTN

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