Phix Doctor Micro Repair Kits

The Phix Doctor surf board ding repair kit is the fastest and easiest way to repair your surf board yourself. AND it costs less than any other surf board ding repair kits. See the video below on how you can repair your surf board in minutes.

Always have your non-yellowing PhixDoctor surf board ding repair kit with you! It has a never ending shelf life and includes a Premium Ultra Clear,Universal, SunPowered, Fiber-filled resin. Plus Wet/Dry Sandpaper, Smoothy Sheet for Pro results and complete instructions.

The Mighty MicroKit®! The smallest complete repair kit ever. MicroKits come in a 12 pack or singles, their airline approved, and include ultra clear universal sunpowered resin, sandpaper and a smoothy sheet to get pro results.

They are cheap small & easy so you can stash’em in your dash or let’em ride in your wax pocket to make sure your next ding repair goes down in seconds! Shelf life guaranteed for one year.

12 Complete Ding Kits Per Box, Works for Epoxy or Polyester, 7 Grams Universal SunPowered Resin, Wet/Dry Sandpaper, Clear Mylar Smoothy Sheet, Easy Instructions

Available as singles or a 12 pack from the Saltwater Dreaming Surf Shop in Phuket.

Not in Thailand? Buy online below

phixdoctor surfboard repair kit PhixDoctor Surfboard Repair Kit Epoxy/Poly Microkit 6 Pack

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