From over 40 years of surfing and running a surf school and surf shop, we have put together a lot of information on surfing, bodyboarding and Thailand. Please browse through our pages and we are sure you will find something here for you!Saltwater Dreaming is the original surf brand in Thailand and has been supplying surf gear since 2000. A collaboration of Thai and Australian concepts and ideas, Saltwater Dreaming is Thailand's Surf Brand. Honesty and a passion for surfing and the sea are the ideals that exemplify the heart of Saltwater DreamingIn 2000 we started with Tee Shirts sold out of the front room of our house and over the years we have naturally grown into a full service surf shop located on the west coast of Phuket Thailand. Established in 2000 and locally owned and operated, Saltwater Dreaming is Phuket's "Original" Surf Shop.

Surfing in Thailand is always for fun

It's certainly not a world surfing destination, but at the right time of year, you can surf a few waves with the locals, the atmosphere in the water is fun and friendly and the local Thai surfers keep the true heart and soul of surfing alive

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