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New are our range of TORQ soft top surfboards
strong and durable, perfect for rental, hotel applications

See the TORQ range and prices here

Soft Surfboards

SWD Soft Top Surfboards are ideal for beginners to the sport of surfing, kids and with their strength and durability they are the board of choice for any surf school

You can see the range of soft top surfboards, SUPs at the Saltwater Dreaming Surf Shop at Surin Beach Phuket.

Soft Top surfboard in action

Soft Top SurfBoard Prices include FREE Leash, fins and wax

Available in 5'0, 6'0, 7'0, 8'0, 9'0

The smaller sizes are great surfboards for kids

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If you are in Thailand you can buy soft top surfboards on-line

Soft top surfboards

Our soft surfboards are constructed with high density EPS foam core, double wooden stringers, and then glassed with 2 x 6oz coats of epoxy resin.

The boards are then wrapped in closed cell EVA foam for the decks and rails and a durable slick skin for the bottom.

And just to add more durability, the nose and tails are reinforced with solid EVA bumpers.

The final process of construction is with a vacuum bag and gluing process for added durability and tensile strength.

Soft top surf board

Soft Top Stand Up Paddleboards

Soft top stand up paddleboard

SoftTop SUP - Stand Up Paddleboards Construction

EPS Core
Double Full Thickness Stringers
6 oz Epoxy Glass
Slick Bottom
EVA Deck
Nose and Tail Bumpers


11'0 x 35" x 4 1/2"

Available in many sizes

More about Stand Up Paddleboards

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