NMD Bodyboards Care Instructions

NMD is a collective of individuals, expressing themselves through the medium that is bodyboarding.

Each and every board is constructed with the finest materials available because If you don't have the ingredients, it doesn't matter how you mix the cake. The shapes are simplistic with one focus, they have to work..

nmd bodyboard

A few ideas to help prolong the life of your new friend from NMD

We want your NMD bodyboard to become an extension of you, the vehicle to take you to the next level.

At NMD HQ, we live and breathe bodyboarding, shaping each and every board with pride. Treat your ride with respect and take care of her. Nurture and caress her, wash and pamper her and she will return your affection. Treat her bad and she will soon leave you. With a little bit of TLC, you and your new friend will share the good times ahead.

Bodyboard Care Suggestions

  • Always keep your board as cool as possible: Avoid the "baking" car trunk.
  • If you have to leave it out in the sun, be sure to cover her with a towel.
  • Rinse your board off with cool fresh water after every use.
  • Don't use your board to sand slide or skim board.
  • Don't "over test the flex" by bending your board excessively.
  • Store you board flat when not in use, under the bed is a good spot.
  • Treat your board with the same care as you would your body, when exposed to the sun. Like sunburnt skin, bodyboards bubble when left unprotected in the sun. Keep your board covered in a cool shady place when not_being ridden.
  • Avoid flat landings after aerial moves: this will help to minimize creasing. Try to land tail or rail first. Also look for the whitewater cushion where possible.

Things to Think About

The ocean can be a dangerous place. With all the currents, waves, hidden objects and of course, people, you need to be careful. Here are a few pointers that can help keep you safe.

  • This is a high performance bodyboard not a life saving device.
  • Always surf with a friend to share the stoke and look out for each other.
  • Check every surf spot for potential hazards before you go out.
  • Don't drop in, get in the way or interfere with other wave riders.


Your board may be fitted with our exclusive REACT stringer system. Check the component listing for verification.

Please take care when installing your leash plug.

For boards fitted with a SINGLE stringer drill AT LEAST 4 INCHES either side from the center of the board as indicated by the "X" on diagram A.

For boards fitted with a double stringer drill IN THE CENTER of the board as indicated by the "X" on diagram B.

Failure to comply may result in contact with the stringer. Damage caused by drilling the plug too close to the stringer is not covered under warranty. Although the REACT stringer system has been designed to maximize the boards recoil properties, the REACT stringer system will not prevent creasing and is not warranted against over flexing.

By drilling into the core of your board, a necessary evil when inserting a leash plug, water can enter the internal structure during use via the opening around the plug. Due to all NMD cores being closed cell, only the cells that are damaged by the drilling can absorb water. Water may be heard from time to time inside the stringer, this occurs only in minute amounts and will not effect the performance of your board.

Where to insert bodyboard plug

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