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Koh Kradan

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Koh Kradan is reported to be one of the most beautiful islands in Trang with beautiful beaches and coral reefs. Most of the island is covered by forest.

The coast around Trang gets some of Thailand's biggest waves (Trang's original name translated to, "City of Waves"), From around April during the rainy season is the best time for surfing in Trang and Koh Kradan- you'll also need to bring your own board.

One of the bays picks up some of the bigger waves in the area and there have been reports of good surfing.

Koh Kradan Surf

The surf breaks on sand and can break up to 50 metres offshore.

There are few hotels to stay at in this area. Most hotels are located on Koh Muuk, an island closer to the mainland. There are some new hotels on Koh Kradan, one is called called Seven Seas Resort.

There are regular ferries to Koh Muuk or hire a longtail boat. From Pak Meng Beach

Koh Kradan

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