Surfing Thai Muang Thailand

Surfing Thai Muang

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Thai Muang is located north of Phuket on the mainland in the Phang Nga area before you reach Khao Lak. Its business centre is a bustle of shops and markets. The main beach is quite long and open with shifting sand banks and channels.

Surfing here is either restricted to the small headlands at either end or on the main beach. The river mouth can get good waves when the wind drops. There are reports of a few secret spots in this area, so it is definitely a place to explore further than the headlands.

Surfing Thai Muang

There are no real hotels to stay at here except for a few Thai guesthouses which are difficult to locate. The best option is to stay at Khao Lak. As Thai Muang is an easy drive from there.

We have done our best to go surfing in Thailand as much as possible and to include our personal experiences of this beach and other surf spots in Thailand-Since 2000, we are the original surfing Phuket guide someone's gotta do it!!

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