Surfing Bang Tao Beach

Bang Tao Beach

Bang Tao surfing conditions

light or southerly

under 1 metre-mid tide

over 1 metre-high tide
.5 to 3 metres
beginner to intermediate
unpredictable sand banks

Bang Tao beach is an 8 km long bay with white sand and rows of casuarina trees. There are many access points to this beach. The main entrance to Bangtao beach is 2 km north of Surin Village through the Laguna Phuket complex that takes up most of the middle of the bay.

The complex consists of, The Banyan Tree Resort, The Allamanda, Dusit Laguna, and the Angsana Resort .

The southern end of the beach has a small fishing village and some of the more budget priced hotels and guesthouses in bang tao.

There are many tracks leading down to the beach at the southern end and this section of the beach is protected from the swells by the southern headland, on the big surf days (over 3 metres) some nice smaller waves appear here. It also makes this end of Bang Tao beach ideal for learning to surf.

It also has a sand bank that runs from the headland to the Sunwing Hotel. Heading further north there are few sand banks and mostly the beach drops off steeply.

Bang Tao Beach is a beginner surfer location Nice small waves at the southern end

Bang Tao beach is by far the best beach in Phuket for learning to surf and is the home of the Saltwater Dreaming Surf School.

Towards the middle of bang tao beach the waves get bigger. The middle of the beach is exposed to the winds and the shifting sand banks and steep drop offs make the surfing waves unpredictable, but on its' day the surf at bang tao can be perfect.

Surf Pics of Bang Tao Phuket Thailand

At the far end there is an island joined to the mainland by a sand spit, Layan. Over the years there have been some epic waves here, but it is not consistent and you will need to check often until you get the great waves.

Koh Ta

Bang Tao Bay is also a great place for stand up paddle boarding. Particularly in the high season when waters are flat. There are coral reefs at each end of the bay to explore on paddleboards.

Stand up paddleboards are relatively new to Phuket and our surf shop has a range of paddle boards for rent and sale.

We have done our best to go surfing in Thailand as much as possible and to include our personal experiences of this beach and other surf spots in Thailand someone's gotta do it!!
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