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Relax Bay

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From Patong take the road south and just as you go down the other side of the first big hill out of Patong look down to the right and you will see Relax Bay.

Relax Bay is dominated by Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort. There is no access to the beach except through the resort and day passes are expensive. Even so, Relax Bay can get excellent waves especially at the southern end near the headland where a left hander breaks down the side of the headland

Relax Bay Phuket Surf

Many in the know locals use a dirt path that winds down the side of the headland at the southern end of Relax Bay. To use this path to get to the surf at Relax Bay you need to park at the top of the hill on the main road overlooking Le Meridien resort.

The surf at Relax bay usually breaks on mid tide with waves from 3-6 feet.

Surf Relax Bay


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