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Pansea Beach

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Pansea Beach Surfing Conditions

the beach-slight the point-variable
.5 to 2 metres
point-break-experienced surfers
Pansea Headland

Pansea Beach is a small secluded beach that is only 250 meters long, and is located between Surin Beach and Bang Tao Beach. The famous Surin Resort and the ultra-exclusive Amanpuri Hotel dominate this beach. The hotels seem to be able to control people visiting the beach, but you can access Pansea Bay if you keep a low profile.

The best place to stop is at the car-park of the Tennis courts and then walk around the back down to the beach. The surf at Pansea beach can get really good especially on days with about 3-5 feet waves. Surfing here is a little bit of a closed secret that the locals never really talk about.

Update: The point doesn't break anymore since the 2004 tsunami. The beach access is closed to outsiders by the Amanpuri Hotel. The only access now if you are not staying in either hotel is to walk down the steep headland from Surin beach. Pansea Headland Surf

Pansea beach itself has some nice sand banks at times and there have been some classic surf days. The sand banks are held in place by a rock reef about 50 metres off-shore.

The northern headland offers a nice coral reef break, for experienced surfers only.

The take-off spot at the headland is about 100 metres out, alongside a large rock. The take-off is steep and then the wave turns toward the headland and becomes a bit fatter. After 1 or 2 cutbacks, the wave seems to build and get faster towards the corner and then closes out on bare reef, so beware!

This place breaks best on low to mid tide, so that the take-off rock is exposed. It also needs a swell of between 1 to 1.5 metres.


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