Surfing at Nai Thon Beach

Nai Thon Beach

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Surfing Conditions at Nai Thon Beach

north-west to south east

under 1 metre mid tide

over 1 metre high tide
.5 to 3 metres
beginner to intermediate
beware of rocks

Nai Thon is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Both ends of the beach have rocky headlands jutting out to the sea. Off the rocks offers excellent fishing.

In the past there was a small fishing village across the road from the beach with one small bungalow complex and a few small restaurants. Nai Thon Beach

Now there are a lot of resorts on and nearby Nai Thon. One of the resorts here is Andaman White Beach Resort.

Don't let this deter you though, Nai Thon doesn't have the amount of people on the beach as some other beaches in Phuket and is a good place to relax and get away from it all. Surfing Nai Thon Beach

Naithon Beach has a lot of power in the waves, as there is deep water out the back, so beware of strong rip currents that can appear here. Surfing is best here on the smaller days, as it can be a real challenge when the surf is big.

Usually the center of the beach has the best waves. The other spot to surf here is when you walk onto the beach and look to the far left (south) end, behind the rocks. The local lifeguards here are friendly, rent surfboards and will give surfing lessons if needed.

Nai Thon Beach Lifeguards


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