Surfing Layan (Le Phang) Beach

Layan Beach

Surfing Conditions at Layan Beach

north-west to south east
under 1 metre mid tide over 1 metre high tide
.5 to 3 metres
Island coral bottom very shallow!

Layan beach is the next beach around from Bangtao Beach and is located on the northern end. Access to this area is limited to either walking down the beach from the Laguna Phuket area, taking the road from behind the Banyan Tree Golf course, or by driving out of the Laguna Phuket complex back onto the highway and following the directions as if going to Nai Thon beach, before reaching the turnoff there are many roads that take off into the hills overlooking the beach the surf break is just past Layan Beach Resort.

Layan Beach

Layan Beach is at the entrance to a lagoon. On the southern side of the bay is Koh Ta, a small island joined to the mainland by a sand-spit.

The waves here break on a very shallow coral reef on the northern headland and is definitely for experienced surfers only. It breaks on a mid-tide and on a swell over 1 metre. In the right conditions this place can have extremely long rides.

Layan Beach

The other spot to check here is on the southern side of the island where a small river outlets. The waves are best at this spot when it is small and the waves break on the sandbank formed by the river. Can get quite fast on its day. Access here can be from the national park reserve, where you will find a few small beach restaurants also.


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