Surfing Kata Noi Beach

Surfing Kata Noi

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Kata Noi surfing conditions

south-east to north-west
.5  to  2 metres
beginner to intermediate
Surf Details
beach break

Surfing Kata Noi Surf Pics of Kata Noi

As you head south out of Kata yai turn right at the T-intersection and follow the road around the headland to Kata Noi Beach.

This beach is dominated by Kata Thani Resort. The surfable waves are usually off the northern headland. The waves can be fast, but at times the surf is quite good here. The main wave is a right hander breaking near the northern headland breaking on a deep reef. There are also nice beach breaks when it is smaller in the middle of the beach.

Kata Noi Surf

The atmosphere in the surf here can sometimes be a bit unfriendly, but if you be cool the locals will be too!

We have done our best to go surfing in Thailand as much as possible and to include our personal experiences of this beach and other surf spots in Thailand someone's gotta do it!!

If you have more info or photos of this area or on other surfing spots in Thailand please contact us here

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