Surfing Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang Beach

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Surfing Conditions at Nai Yang Beach

under 1 metre mid-high tide over 1 metre high tide
.5 to 3 metres
outer reef long paddle!

A beach to keep an eye on, as great little banks and peaks appear out of nowhere. During low tide surfing can be good on the beach. A large coral reef island, which is a approximately 800 metre paddle offshore can offer quality waves in the right conditions, the paddle can be further than it looks though. The reef is basically square in shape and has many different take-off points, depending on swell direction and size.

Nai Yang Reef Surf

Accessing the reef can be difficult as when there is swell the longtail boats won't go out. On it's day the paddle is definitely worth the trouble. The reef usually works best on a mid to rising tide, as the tide pushes water over the reef. If you are there at the lower end of the tide you can walk on the reef to get out there, can be tough on your feet.

Nai Yang reef surf is subject to winds as it is a little off-shore, but early morning on smaller days can produce small glassy clean waves which break for long distances.

The left and right peak in the middle and a right hander to the far left are the best spots for surfing here.

Nai Yang Beach Surf Nai Yang and Mai Khao beaches make up the Sirinat national park on Phuket and cover over 10 miles of coast on the north end of the island. Most planes fly over the park when they land at Phuket’s airport. Nai Yang Beach Plane

Something to keep in mind as you walk across the beach to go surfing at Nai Yang is that between November and February each year the Giant Ridley Sea Turtles who can weigh up to 850 kg(1874lb) lay their eggs on the beach at night.

You are allowed to watch, but please do not disturb the turtles. Authorities protect the area and the turtle eggs, and move many of them to special hatchery fields.

Nai Yang Beach

On the north end of Nai Yang Beach is Nai Yang Park Visitor’s Center. Camping is allowed on both beaches and the park has a few bungalows near the Visitor’s Center. There are also hotels located close to the national park including JW Marriot and other hotels.

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